White Woman Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured, Murdered In Minneapolis As Police Quit And Crime Explodes

A woman in Minneapolis was kidnapped, gang raped, tortured and then murdered with her body being dicovered in car. At around 3:16am a civilian found the woman’s body in the back of a car left in a parking lot. Te civilian managed to find a police officer and bring them to the victim. The trauma the white woman endured was visible immediately, according to responding officers. Police are being mum about details of the victim, but local sources tell Prntpage News that the woman was in her 30s, is white, and showed signs of rape and torture. Sources all say that a group of suspects was seen by some witnesses police spoke to.

Police across the country are resigning or retiring from their positions in the wake of the violent protests and political hatred towards them. It’s seen a surge in violence and crime in cities like New York and Minneapolis.

Minneapolis police have though setup a call tip line at 1800-222-8477 . The location of the body’s discovery has been overrun with crime over night. So much so, local news stations are no longer sending camera crews to the area.

Another man was shot and killed in the area a few days prior by a store owner, who was arrested by police for the self defense killing. He was later released pending further investigation.

14 thoughts on “White Woman Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured, Murdered In Minneapolis As Police Quit And Crime Explodes

  1. Fuck asshole Floyd nothing but a crackhead.Shot all the Black criminals.letd look at the amount of black on white crimes commited by black criminals.

      1. Why not? the regular news ain’t going to report it, it doesnt serve their agenda of spreading racism and hatred.

  2. It’s sad what the Dem leaders have sunk to. Stand by and watch their cities burn and people being murdered by antifa and the still stand behind antifa. Wtf.

  3. Ok ok hold on here…..facts. Shes white. Witnesses can point out “perps” Non FACTS: presumably kidnapped raped (by multiple people) tortured and murdered. With witnesses. Ok. Womans name… No longer just a rape victim. Shes dead. Names of suspected perps. Are they in custody. Is there a rape kit. Autopsy? Dna? Any evidence besides what is currently a theory. Witnesses…. No one tried to help this WHITE woman. But they saw it. Wyd they are just as bad as what you are all bitching about.

  4. This is what happens when you have no law and order. The criminals will take over and I’m sure there crimes will all be against white citizens. We will end up with a civil war which will please the Democrats tremendously.

  5. So many residents claim this is a false story. Why is everyone looking for someone to place the blame on? Isn’t it possible this fraudelence was exploited to cause unrest?

  6. ihope they left alot of DNA. i9 am sure they were black and where is BLM now? no justice for white people in this racially charged event
    will there be justice in this? more then likely not but the BLM shoul;d bring up this shit. where are BLM in the inner cities where alot of black are victim of there own people. where is the justice?

  7. This was never about Floyd or any other Black. Man shot by Police. It was there excuse to loot and burn these cities. Tragic but very true.

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