Who’s the biggest victim of 2020? The small business owner

2020 will certainly go down as a historic year. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. But for the small business owner, it was the worst and worst of times.

One insult after another has befallen the small business owner. While Walmart, Target, McDonalds and many corporate chains were allowed to stay open when the pandemic it, the small businesses, who sometimes are lucky enough to get 5 customers an hour max, were forced closed as nonessential.

Through the emotionally charged but principally flawed decisions of state and local leaders nationwide, tens of thousands of small businesses were forced closed, and hundreds of thousands of smsll business workers lost their jobs.Then in what could be almost considered illegal, the government fund meant to help small businesses was completely looted by mainly large banks and Corporations. Small businesses recieved peanuts for bailouts. Another example of why bailouts are flawed.

And just as they were about ready to reopen for business, who was left to reopen anyway, riots take place across the country over a police killing all the way up in Minneapolis of all places, of a man who wouldnt even have been there if he himself hadn’t lost his job from forced lockdowns.

Many business owners who tried vocally to call out the riots were themselves attacked for somehow being impassionate to police brutality, and though political activists and leaders nationwide coddled or made excuses for rioting, vandalism and looting of small businesses, inviting the very guilty into city halls across America to have their voices heard, the small business owner is silenced.

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