Democrats Ban Social gatherings Of over 12 people, unless its protesters

a California county has come out saying they were banning Social gatherings of 12 or more people, unless its for protesting. According to a statement from the county of Contra Costa reported on the local news channel:

“Alameda County announced new health guidelines Friday, including allowing “social bubbles,” and child care and extracurricular activities for children, and the reopening of other businesses like pet grooming.

A “social bubble” is defined as a group of up to 12 people from different households. A person should be in just one social bubble at a time, according to the guidelines.”

the restrictions were initially void of mentioning religious gatherings, but after criticism from the White House, the county clarified that they were including outdoor religious gatherings of up to 100 people as well. Other events can be up to 12 people only.


3 thoughts on “Democrats Ban Social gatherings Of over 12 people, unless its protesters

  1. The fact that the left and those who stand to gain from these riots, illegal gatherings are “all in” for unchecked chaos tells a much larger tale than “just another riot”. This is a push to test the efforts, the response of the American public as well as the infrastructure relating to our law and order in this country. The left, those who have invested heavily in this country’s demise as a Constitutional Republic are wholly testing our nation’s response to their heavy handed liberal tantrums. They’re probing our weaknesses as a collective republic and they’re learning from our responses… most likely to adjust and return later, if necessary. I say “if necessary” simply because they might, just might accomplish their goal(s) this time around… only to hone the outcome more in their favor, later. Either way, this latest series of “protests” is a full dress dry run for them… IMHO. And our local, liberal and enabling politicos are crumbling before our very eyes to their insidious, idiotic demands.

    Defund the police?! Yeah, right. Then you’ll have nothing but anarchy. I’m okay with that… I won’t be around to combat them in the long haul. I have maybe 8-10 years left on this particular path in my life then it’s on to other things. It’s my children, my grandchildren and beyond that I worry for now. My life is all but over except the shouting and the mentoring… the banner’s been handed off to my adult children and their fellow Americans for them to carry on… I’m doing what I can but it ain’t going to be enough.

    MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!!! This idiocy will pass, hopefully… with some help, nudging to get us back on course. We cannot afford, let alone live with socialism.

    KAG2020! TRUMP2020!

  2. So very sad for what is happening to our country. I too have only God knows a limited time left here on this earth, nerve in all my live did I ever think I would ever see the democrat party make such a laughing stock out of their party. And to think I was once one of them many years ago. But my eyes where opened with President Reagan and I have seen our country go down hill since him. Heading for a socialist communist nation that will be rioting all the time, not just every now and then over some cause like Mr. Floyd. But all the time like they are doing in Venezuela, a new way of life.
    Mr.Floyd, did not deserve to die the way he did, no one does, but then none of the people that have died because of his death have deserved to die either at the hands of their killers. Mr. Floyd died a criminal ( still not right) these other men that have been killed were public servants trying to defend the belongings of others that shouldn’t of had to be lost, because of an unruly mob of protesters that got out of hand by people that were sent in and being paid to stir them up and all the brick set up nice and neat for them to untie to throw at the business and anyone else. It was a very well thought out and paid for plan. The mayor and governor could have put a stop to it with one phone call, but they didn’t want to do that, they they got what they wanted and now are crying for help. And now want to defund the police dept. I pray the decent people will leave that state and leave him his thugs and see how far he gets without a backup. That’s all the democrats deserve, as they don’t know how to run a country. We are not going to become a Socialist Communist Nation, so you might as well quite trying.

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