Nobody’s Even Talking About The Fact That Lockdowns Ruined George Floyd’s Life

The politicians and media have been all over the George Floyd case. They have antagonized and rallied the American left out into the streets to protest, even though they admonished anyone previously who went out to peacefully protest the lockdown. But nobody is bringing up the fact that George Floyd wouldn’t be dead if there had never been a lockdown.

George Floyd was forced out of his job in Dallas as a bouncer at a nightclub, because of government orders for it to shut down. He repeatedly went back to his old boss asking when he could get back to work. His boss however could not open back up due to government mandated shutdowns. As a result, unemployed and without hope, George floyd drifted all the way to Minneapolis, where he became a part of that unfortunate event that found him dead in handcuffs with a police officer’s knee over his neck.

Politicians keep passing laws or policies that create problems, but instead of realizing this and stepping back a bit, they go forward with even more laws and policies than before. By doing so, they don’t fix any problems. They just create catalysts for more.

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