AG Barr calls out media lies on live television

Attorney General Barr let a reporter have it in an interview and shut her down as she tried to say protests were peaceful. Watch what he does in the video below:


One thought on “AG Barr calls out media lies on live television

  1. They say all of this protesting is being done for a man who was killed by a policeman who had been wheeling and dealing drugs and whatever else with said police officer and frequented the same bar together to do their dealings! It is truly a tragedy when a human life is lost for sure! But most honest citizens of this country would never even associate with George Floyd if they knew he was convicted like five times and was an avid drug user! By the way he had drugs in his system when he died! So what actually killed him and if it was truly the officer’s fault then did the drugs accelerate the final result to his death! If it was simply the officer’s fault he should be punished! But he must of or had to do something to even be put into that position in the first place!
    Something in the milk ain’t clean folks! Check out the relationship between the two in question! Something went down that isn’t kosher! Liberal Socialist DemocRAT Trump Haters will try to destroy our country for this but will murder thousands of defenseless baby’s every year! A lot more so called moral people need to speak more often to their Lord God!

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