Detroit Father Of 5 In Shambles After Riots Burn His Home And Destroy His Work Truck.

He didn’t do anything to them. But that didn’t stop antifa and black lives matter from burning his home to the ground and destroying his truck he used to earn a living.

He told a local news station he was just devastated by the situation.

Roderick Reynolds had put his life into supporting his family and growing his business. Now, he is left with nothing. He even lost his pet.

“Of course I didn’t want to believe that, because I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it,” Reynolds said. “When I came, the entire house was gone. I lost a family pet, as well as everything else.”

“It’s a lot of stuff that I want, but I prioritize for my family. Every dollar I get I put into my house, and I take care of my kids,” Reynolds said fighting back tears. “It’s devastating for me, but I mean, I’m a big boy, so I’m gonna just keep on pushing.”

The good news is that in 24 hours of his story being known, a gofundme raised $450,000.


6 thoughts on “Detroit Father Of 5 In Shambles After Riots Burn His Home And Destroy His Work Truck.

  1. I feel for you. All these protests is not about Black lives matter. You see what they did to you. There are bad cops, just like bad teachers,bad doctors. There are bad people out there, white black red yellow. In come in all forms. I’m very sorry that they did this to you. You and your family matter not black lives. But people matter, all colors. I very sorry agsin.

  2. This is definitely a tragedy. This article is also an opinion of who committed this crime. Has any group been charged or proven be the perpetrators? No! This is a pandering & inciting so the base of 45 and the right have fodder to continue divisiveness. Oh also, to campaign & sign a birthday card for an impeached WH occupant!

    1. Boy is your head on backwards! These rioters are paid by communist Soros, who also has bought the Democrat party!! You need to blame them, not the president or people on the “right”. All the chaos these past 3 years has been because of the communist Democrats. And that “impeachment” was a total sham, pure lies!! Get your facts straight & do some reasearch!!

  3. There is too much roiting
    Going on we have too many corrupt politicians, things have to change. We need a new President also .

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