Is Nancy Ok?

Nancy Pelosi has a serious mental issue. We say it with full seriousness. When she gets on stage to speak, it becomes apparent time after time that something’s not right. Just look at her Wakanda moment this week. She strutted through the capitol with African scarves and kneeled for 10 minutes in silence to black people.

When she gives a speech she looks like a startled rabbit, as Australian media has put it. She stumbles and murmurs. She goes off on incoherent rants, like the time she said she was saving the country from Donald Trump.

Then there was the time a video of her went viral in which she couldn’t even be understood due to her slurred words. It was embarrassing. And even worse, Prntly unearthed old photos that showed her stop in the middle of a speech to pick her nose.

And let’s not forget the worst moment of all for gimmeanothershot Pelosi. The State of the Union speech where she ripped up her copy of the speech, violating the law in the process.


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