3 BLM terrorists Charged By DOJ With Arson In Minnesota

3 BLM terrorists were charged with conspiracy to commit arson in Minnesota by the Department of Justice. William Barr had said he was making prosecuting domestic terrorists a top priority of his department. Now we see that he wasn’t lying.

United States Attorney Erica H. MacDonald announced to journalists two federal criminal complaints against Samuel Elliott Frey of Brooklyn Park, and Bailey Marie Baldus of Ramsey. On Wednesday, MacDonald announced McKenzy Ann Degidio Dunn, from Rosemount, as a co-conspirator. All three are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit arson.

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45 thoughts on “3 BLM terrorists Charged By DOJ With Arson In Minnesota

  1. And not one of them are Black. I’m sure BLM apprecites the negative publicity and you hijacking their once peaceful and powerful movement. It’s people like these three that can thank themselves for bringing disgrace to the BLM movement in the first place. I’ll pray they get prosecuted to the fullest.

    1. Leaders of BLM took photos with the Communist dictator of Venezuela ..showing they are NOT a Peaceful innocent Org..They are a Hard Left Racist Communist org linked with the Democrat Commie Party and other Marxist orgs…who [email protected] Whites and Cops and Christianity and America…and care Nothing about Blk folks whatsoever..

      1. Dictators don’t win fair elections. Dictators are not usually supported by a great majority of the public. Dictators don’t usually allow people who attempt to overthrow the government with the help of foreign nations to continue to be free.

        1. Nope. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to become a federal felon for the rest of their lives and do 10 or more years in prison for Trump. These are spoiled kids showing their parents didnt do their jobs.

          1. John, many times parents struggle to raise their children. Yet sadly their peers and societal pressures exact their toll. Here in Utah dumb teens are responsible for fires that burn for several days and the parents are held responsible for all charges. As a Pediatrician for 40+ years, I believe teens can act independently, sometimes commit terrible crimes independent of the home environment. It can also be a tragedy for their parents. This is my belief and my experience.

        2. hollywood is paying the fines for these ws trump supporters to get out of jail? does that sound right to you al bert?

        3. You are a idiot. Unfortunately the right doesn’t do things like this. RIGHT LEANING DON’T MAKE WAVES we are to passive.

        4. Right! And James Earl Ray was an ardent supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who shot him because he wanted to make him a martyr!

      2. Right on Peter Carr.

        Think about it: Even if true, which it’s not, “their once peaceful and powerful movement” has just been pledged $1 billion (with a B) by Bank of America. So no-longer peaceful but a lot more powerful.

    2. This satanic doctrine this BLM promotes of the breaking down the foundations of established humanity. What has been considered normal and wholesome values for thousands of years in most human societies are replaced by BLM idealogy. This group is diametrically opposed to Christian moral values; and promote instead chaotic alternative lifestyle idealogy and offering completely false science to try to substantiate their demonic platform. They want to make their reality/fantasies the dominant religion in the world. Everything they promote stands for death and destruction in every area from A-Z. A lot of the younger generation is completely deceived and deluded by this and wants to force it on the whole world. They are brainwashed by it. Now I can understand why these white people are involved in this terrorist group. I think this terrorist group probably also being funded by communist in our own government. Basically the govt. is divided against itself. The Bible says that any house divided against itself cannot stand.

      1. Hahaha, let’s see who it was with the Christian values that stole people from their land, and stole the land from another race of people all by violent means and want to say its humanity. Until I can hear you all talking negative about the KKK and all the violence by white mobs in this country I really can’t hear what you are saying. Because most of what is being said is propaganda being spread by nervous white people

    3. Blm has never been a peaceful movement, any organization tied to Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood are anything but peaceful. Terrorist organization is a perfect definition.

    4. Surely you jest. You cannot believe that only whites were burning, looting and murdering. You paint BLM as innocent peaceful protestors. Have you taken the time to read what amounts to a manifesto from one of the two black women who lead this organization?

    5. Are you high? BLM is the biggest scam being played. Have you looked into how much their so called leaders are getting paid?! Where is the money going? Why are they help build communities instead of tearing them down? No more handouts. #noreparations

    6. Totally with you on this. But there are those who have tunnel vision, and will consider them heroes, instead of criminals.

    7. You are absolutely right! The protesters were NOT violent its the rioters who turned their movement into DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

  2. How did they catch them? Was it online or did they actually take the 1st step such as meeting up and thus got caught?

  3. BLM founded on a lie- “hands up”, and running amok on another lie- Chauvin and the others killed George Floyd. To anyone who knows how to read such a report you will see clearly that he had no evidence of asphyxia or injuries to his neck or chest- except from the CPR being administered. This group is a domestic terrorism organization that targets and assassinates police officers- if not ordered then condoned and not condemned. 5 in Dallas, 2 in NYC, and many more recently..disgraceful that anyone would align with them. If they truly cared about black lives, they would pay attention to the carnage each week on young blacks in Chicago…

  4. BLM is and was , founded in BS. If “A” for ABLM it would and could , be a noble cause. Only a fraction of blacks are killed(while up to no good) by police. The monumental amount are killed by other means….

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