Conservative Activist and Businessman Alexander Portelli Banned from Facebook

The founder of Prntly Media and other small business ventures Alexander Portelli was recently banned from Facebook with no reason or explanation given. Alex has lost his personal account of 12 years. He had been the primary organizer of an event to bring conservative activists into Seattle on July 4th as a patriotic display. The event had earned the attention of multiple news blogs and boasted over twenty two thousand people signed up to either definitely attend or interested in going.

It was covered by these sites:

This attack on free speech has become more relevant than ever considering the massive conservative exodus going on. Commonly referred to as TWEXIT on the social media site Parler. Alex has joined that exodus and is hopeful many conservatives will take their presence away from Facebook and Twitter to let these companies know we are aware they hate us and mistreat us. He now manages his media page on Parler which has already gained 100 followers in its first day. @Prntly


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