BREAKING: China Unveils Surprise Covid19 Vaccine For Allies Russia And Iran

China has pulled a big surprise out of it’s hat: a vaccine to Coronavirus. The Chinese pharmaceutical giant CanSino Biologics unveiled the vaccine and announced that it would be made available to Chinese allies.

The company is in talks with Russia, Brazil, Chile and Saudi Arabia about beginning usage of the vaccine in those countries.

This comes as the United States is hampered by a bloated litany of Obama era federal regulations that are making the development of vaccines slow and difficult. Dr. Fauci has predicted that a vaccine is still at least 6 months from being available on a mainstream level.

Millions of Americans have already become infected with Coronavirus. Almost 3 million have tested positive for the virus, but this does not count the potentially tens of millions more Americans who have not been able to get tested. For practically the entire country, testing is still limited or appointment based, so many Americans with mild symptoms have complained of never being able to get tested for the virus.

Qiu Dongxu, executive director and co-founder of CanSino, told an anti-viral development conference in China that they would start with 40,000 participants in the above mentioned ally-nations to China. Then expand to millions of participants after.

The Chinese military is building a factory that will be able to produce 100 to 200 million doses of the vaccine each year, and is slated to open in 2021.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING: China Unveils Surprise Covid19 Vaccine For Allies Russia And Iran

  1. I hope people now realize that the cover 19 virus was intentionally released to weaken the United States so that China could take advantage of the financial devastation that the virus would inflict on us. This is part of their plan to weaken us without a direct attack on our country.

    1. Daniel, I agree with what you said. It all makes sense now. And, I’m not so sure I would trust taking a vaccine from China. I don’t trust them at all!

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