Now 3 Pelosi Family Members Have overseen American Cities Burn

Nancy Pelosi has been coming out non stop in support of her buddies with Antifa. She denies there’s violence in Portland, or that Antifa is violent. Meanwhile, BLM and Antifa has wrecked havoc across American cities. They’ve committed billions of dollars in damages, started thousands of fires, killed multiple people, and put law enforcement lives at risk daily. but this is not the first Pelosi to oversee such destruction of American cities.

The Pelosi Crime Family meme has been circulating online for some time, but many people do not know the full details of it……… here is the history of Nancy’s family with crime, lawlessness, and destruction.

Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore, Maryland to Annunciata M. “Nancy” D’Alesandro and Thomas D’Alexsandro Jr. She grew up with her family learning politics from her father, Thomas.

Nancy Pelosi’s father, a corrupt Democratic Party politician and Baltimore Mayor in the 50s

Under his leadership as Mayor, the Baltimore mafia flourished with impunity. They were called the “Baltimore Crew,” and were probably the most untouched mafia crew in the United States. They controlled gambling, extortion, drug, labor and prostitution rackets with impunity, and many attribute this to Nancy’s father.

One of the most untouchable and unknown Mob capos in America reigned right under the nose of Washington DC, all allegedly thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s father. The crew was ran for most of it’s years by Vit, Pasquale and Frank Corbi, AKA the Corbi brothers.

Pelosi’s brother then took up the reigns as Mayor of Baltimore after his father, being handed it by political powers in the City. It was during his tenure that the Baltimore race riots happened. He was supportive and encouraging of the rioters, just like Nancy today.

Just like in Portland today, in 1969 the federal govt had to step in after Nancy Pelosi’s brother, the Mayor of Baltimore, gave the rioters a practical green light
Nancy pelosi’s brother oversaw the burning of Baltimore in 1969. He downplayed the violence and was vocally supportive of rioters.

As for her husband Paul Pelosi, very little is known about him publicly. The Pelosis have apparently gone through a great deal to hide how he made his wealth, or where it came from.

He owns and operates a Venture Capital and Real Estate firm out of San Francisco called Fiancial Leasing Services, which has made him millions over the decades.

He has taken great care to avoid any type of controversy, and his company cant even be found as advertising anywhere online if one were to look.

but the Washington Times found one way that this secretive company out of San Francisco makes it’s wealth: his wife’s super PAC funds. The newspaper found that Nancy Pelosi has steered at least 6 figures into the company under the guise of utility and rent expenses used from his firm. Just another way that the Pelosis use corruption to enrich themselves.

As for Pelosi’s son, Paul Pelosi Jr., using fraud to enrich oneself goes with the family.

Paulie Jr. tried following in his father’s footsteps and cofounded a venture capital firm called Natural Blue Resources inc., meant to be enviromentally friendly venture capitalism. But it didn’t last long after 4 of the founders were all charged by the SEC with criminal counts of fraud and suspended trading of the shares. Paulie Jr. had 10 million shares frozen.

The SEC alleged that the company was secretly controlled by two convicts barred from being involved in publicly traded companies. Their names were Joe Corazzi and James Cohen. Both were previously indicted and cohen was incarcerated for financial fraud crimes. Corazzi was barred from being on any board again. They were publicly “outside consultants” but in actually controlled day to day decisions and never disclosed to their investors their criminal past. They’d also enriched themselves on the company.

Pelosi Jr. dodged any indictments himself, one of the only cofounders to walk away unscathed from the incident. But ironically every other board member was tarnished by the indictments.

Nancy Pelosi’s family has a long history of entanglement with the law. The wrong side at that. Now, she finds herself following in family footsteps, and denouncing the federal govt for trying to stop rioting and looting in American cities.

Just a long history of the Pelosi-DAlesandro family playing with crime, and getting away with it at America’s expense.


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