Embarrassing Video Resurfaces That Would Sink Biden If Media Was Fair

An embarrassing video has resurfaced that would spell doom for Joe Biden’s presidential race, if the media was fair.

The video is from the 1980s and covers the scandals of Biden that he still repeats to this day. Share to expose him and not let the media suppress it from America.


3 thoughts on “Embarrassing Video Resurfaces That Would Sink Biden If Media Was Fair

  1. Please let me say this about the video, see these people who was in office for years as to Joe Biden, he is all mouth and he knows it, why didn’t he do something when he was in office before he was vice president and after he came vice president still had not done anything or nothing, see the truth of matters that the news media does not say the truth about nothing and its the facts, if the news media wants a real story please come to see me because i have a strong complete story and no they don’t want to hear me out on what I have to say, so stop all this bullshit of putting Joe Biden up high when he did things to little girls and its out there on video’s and other stuff too, so please come out to see me i will give you a strong story right now, thank you

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