New Mexico Becomes Auto Theft Capital Of USA After Democrats Take Control Of State

Democrats Seized full control of the State of New Mexico, and with their rise to power came another rise to power as well: auto thefts.

Car thefts and vehicle break ins skyrocketed in the past 2 years, making New Mexico now the car theft capital of America. The state ranks #1 in auto jackings.

In 2018, Republicans took the governor’s office from law enforcement experienced Republican Governor Susana Martinez. Since then, like their neighbor Colorado to the North, New Mexico crime has spun out of control.

Car chases and police shootouts with illegals and criminal gangs are becoming more common

The Democrats also retain control of the state House and Senate.

The leftwing Governor, Michelle Grisham, took over the state and begun implmenting a socialist agenda almost immediately. She passed free college for state students, though the program has been plagued by problems.

She was also responsible for an assault weapons ban in 2015 while a Legislator, and took her crusade against lawful gun owners with her to the capitol. This has caused criminals to have almost carte blanc in the state.

Violent criminals have been able to invade homes at will thanks to the Democrats’ new gun laws in New Mexico

One violent criminal conducted 38 violent home invasions against defensless home owners, until he was finally caught. But in many cases, where Democrats have declared war on police departments, citizens are left defenseless as even the police have stopped responding to calls.

Even worse, the liberal judges keep releasing the car thefts who do actually get caught.

Another incident that highlights how bad the liberal politics is now in the state happened just under a year ago, when a 17 year old was sentenced to just 30 days in jail for shooting a man and killing him.

When the state was Republican run, law enforcement was able to bust up the stolen car rings. But now, law enforcement hands are tied. in 2015 the Republican led state saw rings like this busted all the time:

A car theft ring busted in 2015

But now, the citizens of the state are at the mercy of criminals, democrats, and God alone.

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