Democrat States Of CA and Colorado Continue To Burn

California and Colorado continue to make new records in terms of the number of acres that go up in smoke. Colorado previously had the Pine Gulch Fire break a state record of the most acres burned. This was quickly surpassed by the Cameron Peak fire that came out of nowhere, crossing into Colorado from the Wyoming border and sweeping down on the state. The fire has burned through over 30,000 acres since Tuesday, and altogether has burned over 170,000 acres.

The fire is expected grow even more, with no snow or rain in sight any time soon.

Meanwhile, California broke a record for having over 4 million acres go up in flames this year, more than double the state’s previous record.

Governot Newsom has repeatedly asked for federal aid, warning America that the rest of the country awaits California’s fate.


One thought on “Democrat States Of CA and Colorado Continue To Burn

  1. Maybe karma is kicking back in California and Colorado, or maybe for those who are Christians, they might feel that God is letting it burn to let the anti-Trump movement know that they better shape up or it might be the last days for them!

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