Media Claims Trump Rallies Spread Covid, BLM Riots Stop It

The liberal media has been caught contradicting itself when two leftwing news outlets both reported opposite effects of group activities conducted this year by Democrats and Republicans.

The media has long bashed President Trump for hosting rallies during the covid outbreak. He’s been attacked for allegedly causing mass spreading of the virus. But then at the same time, the media has also now been caught claiming that studies said that the BLM riots of the year actually helped stop the spread of coronavirus.

As if it isn’t confusing enough, actual elected democratic government health officials have gone on twitter to say that any spreading of the virus done by protesting had racism to blame.

in spite of all of this contradictory behavior on the part of the media, there is no difference in the long run for case numbers between places that locked down, didn’t lock down, required masks, and didn’t require masks.


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