Why did Twitter delete valid videos of election violations in Philly?

On the day of the election, multiple videos were uploaded onto Twitter out of Philadelphia. The videos were from different people, but they all followed a disturbing trend. One was of a legal poll watcher with a certification being denied access to a polling station. The video shows polling center workers deny him entry even as he explains that his order is valid for any polling station in the city of Philadelphia.

The others involve posters put up on the very entrances of polling stations with the Democratic ticket candidates for office, from Joe Biden on down. They tell voters to “vote for your neighbors.” Another video is of a representative of the Philadelphia district attorney’s office actually threatening the man complaining about the electioneering with arrest, just for complaining about the crime.

Other videos show poll workers allegedly coaching voters on who to vote for, observers being denied access, and more. The elections violations are so seemingly rampant throughout the City of Philadelphia, in a normal election at another time, they’d have probably warranted a federal commission to investigate the allegations. But instead, Twitter censored all of it.

Twitter made no delay in attempting to suppress all videos of the alleged systematic election law violations in the City. Videos that were uploaded were taken down and deleted. Twitter made judicial declarations on any video insinuating misconduct in the City, as if Twitter had hastily conducted it’s own thorough investigation of these serious legal violations, and deemed them uncredible. Twitter then took further action, actually banning the users who uploaded or shared the information.

By doing this, Twitter has suppressed and aided in potential attacks on the very foundtion of our Democracy. It’s as if Twitter is actively singling out whistleblowers against election fraud who chose their platform as the voice in which they would upload these allegations. And while social media was once meant as a voice for activism, to give a platform to all who feel otherwise speechless, the website has now become as totalitarian as the dictatorships it once took part as a platform in opposing.

An investigation into the videos out of Philadelphia should be thoroughly investigated, no matter who wins the presidency. But they should not stop there. Twitter should also be investigated for possible election tampering, and either the company or the person/people working for the company responsible for this censorship should be held liable in a court of law.


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