Democratic Socialism Failed Miserably. So Then Liberals Fled To Red States

The experiment of Democratic Socialism is not a new idea. It has been practiced for decades in America.

In Detroit.

Signmakers Stanley Sawicki and Stanley Palka prepare several thousand picket signs in 1950 for a possible Chrysler auto workers’ strike over employee pensions. (Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)
Surrounded by striking Chrysler auto workers, presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace (right, center) take his campaign to the picket lines during visit in Detroit. (Bettmann / Contributor)

In Baltimore

In this 1968 photo Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro looks at the ruins of a Baltimore building, one of many that burned during the weekend rioting, in Baltimore, Md. Baltimore has been a Democratic stronghold for over 150 years

And many more cities and states across America.

New York City used to be the manufacturing city of the world, and New York State was called the Empire State, when it was still a capitalist society.

A map from 1911 shows just how powerful NYC’s manufacturing once was before Democrats started taking over
The wonderbread factory was built in Buffalo, New York in 1923.
The cold storage building of Albany, NY has sat abandoned for decades
An abandoned amusement park sits in Catskill, New York.  

The Catskill Game Farm of New York had Thousands of families visited the venue over its 73-year run to feed the bears, ride the historic 1951 Herschel merry-go-round, and take the train ride through the park. It generated millions of dollars a year in revenue in it’s heyday. Money became so scarce in New York by the late 2000s, that before it closed it would barely clear enough to pay the bills in 2006.

The Beechnut factory of New York followed the same route.

and the Charles Town Mall.

And the list goes on for New York.

The same can be seen in Illinois.

And Delaware.

And the best example of all, Detroit.

And it’s not just abandoned buildings as evidence. Statistics have shown that the states bleeding people the most are blue ones.. By a longshot.

As these people continue to flee though, they are taking their politics with them. The exact politics that destroyed their home states to begin with.

And wherever they go, their policies follow.

And their policies cause the same problems that destroyed the states they moved from.

Will things get better? How can conservatives enjoy the benefits of Republican policies, when the fruits of the policies attract liberal transplants like fleas to blood? There is no hope in sight for the foreseeable future sadly.


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