The Left’s Fanatical Tyranny Against Conservatives Is Only Starting

The left is renewed their purging and tyranny of conservatives, trying to break them, silence them, and destroy them. Big tech this month unanimously silenced President Trump from their platforms until Biden’s inauguration, shopify banned Trump shops, and snapchat banned Trump indefinitely.

this is only the beginning as the lefts purge has accelerated each year, silencing all opposition to them. What’s ironic is all summer they supported violent riots in our neighborhoods.

And now here we are. Conservatives are banned from using social media for groups. From staging events. From selling Conservative gear. From using the internet for free speech. And this is WHILE the Republicans have been in the White House.

now that the Democrats will fully control Washington, expect the purges to get much much worse.


One thought on “The Left’s Fanatical Tyranny Against Conservatives Is Only Starting

  1. America as we have known it is dead. The radical left will attempt to finish it off but they have sparked a war like this country has never seen. There will be blood…the carnage which is about to unfold will be devastating and that is exactly what they wanted…well, they’re going to get it. They want to try to rewrite history by tearing down monuments and forcing propaganda filled teachings in books to your children. The only viable response at this point IS violence. They want to destroy our heritage then fire must be met with fire. All tributes to the likes of people such as MLK, Carver, etc. must be removed and destroyed. You can not have your cake and eat it…it will be shoved back down your throats until you choke on it. This has been a tinder box that has been smoldering for a hundred and fifty years…they have fanned the flames in our faces and now THEY will feel the heat. Prepare yourselves and pick your side…be forewarned that turncoats will be harshly dealt with. The NEW WORLD is coming…and as with any birth, it will be painful. Personally, I am no longer able to play a part…I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show.

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