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Democrats panic: new polls show Trump getting 40% of black vote AFTER protests

What was unthinkable mere weeks ago is slowly becoming a reality: Donald Trump could not only defeat Joe Biden with the same states he beat hillary with in 2016, but … Read More

Panic Media Has The Same Social Justice Warriors Wrong Over And Over Again

Panic media is big business. It’s been going on since the beginning of media. But what’s sad is that it appears to be the same people getting duped by it … Read More

Media silent after black policeman killed by protestors

The media hasn’t said a thing about white privledge when a black officer was shot and killed by looters and rioters. Do you support President Trump? Claim your free flag … Read More

Nobody’s Even Talking About The Fact That Lockdowns Ruined George Floyd’s Life

The politicians and media have been all over the George Floyd case. They have antagonized and rallied the American left out into the streets to protest, even though they admonished … Read More


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