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Nobody’s Even Talking About The Fact That Lockdowns Ruined George Floyd’s Life

The politicians and media have been all over the George Floyd case. They have antagonized and rallied the American left out into the streets to protest, even though they admonished … Read More

Here’s a list of Liberal Mayors Who infiltrated Red States from Democrat Ones

Liberals continue to creep into red states from their breeding grounds in New York, California and Massachusetts. In doing so, they continue trying to spread the ideology that forced them … Read More

Barr gets Antifa Terror Lawyers Back In Jail After Mystery $250,000 Bond Posted

The justice department successfully got two New York City lawyers thrown back in jail for throwing molotov cocktails at a New York City police car. The terror duo of antifa … Read More

It’s Time To Admit That Democrats Fail At Running Big Cities

Across America the past week we saw far left cities rocked by violence and looting. Do you support President Trump? Claim your free flag and hat now Claim your free … Read More


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