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Former Vermont Gov. Warns Americans: Don’t Trust Bernie

The former Governor of Vermont, Democrat Peter Schumlin, has a warning for America: watch out for Bernie, he plays dirty. Schumlin was Governor from 2011 to 2017. He told Politico … Read More

Michele Obama reveals her shocking plans for 2020

Do you support President Trump? Claim your free flag and hat now Claim your free hat and flag now Michelle Obama, will she or won’t she? Top Democrats are celebrating … Read More

Vote And Share! Which Candidate’s Supporters Are Most Annoying?

The new reader poll is here! Which candidate for President of the United States has the most annoying supporters? Vote now. And be unbiased. Base it on the supporters, not … Read More

The Real Silent Killer Of American Farms? Property Taxes

America is constantly worried about the farmer. American politicians of every political party tries to assure voters they are a friend of the farmer’s. Republicans, Democrats, even the socialists. The … Read More


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