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WATCH: Unedited Full Version Of President Trump’s Speech At Mount Rushmore

Historians and pundits have been touting it online as one of the greatest presidential speeches of all time. President Trump addressed the nation at Mount Rushmore in a speech that … Read More

Fox News Host Defects to CNBC

Longtime Fox chief news anchor Shepard Smith is joining the CNBC news team. Possibly as a slap in the face to his former colleagues at Fox. Before leaving Shepard was … Read More

VOTE AND SHARE: Is Mount Rushmore A Symbol Of White Supremacy?

President Trump has put out a question for Americans, asking if they think that Mount Rushmore is a symbol of white supremacy. We are also putting the question out to … Read More

Police Say Democrat Politician Faked Hate Note Sent To Him

Police in Oregon say an Oregon Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for Umatilla County commissioner falsely claimed that he received a racist, bigoted hate-filled letter in the mail. The letter stated, … Read More


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