Colorado Governor Says OK To Vandalize Capitol, Just Social Distance

Colorado Governor Jared Polis said it’s OK to vandalize the state capitol building. Just make sure you social distance.

The billionaire who lives at his mansion in Boulder, an hour northwest of Denver, was fine with the vandalism. He and other Colorado democrats even endorsed it.

Colorado Dem Kerry Donovan fully supported the vandalism

“We cannot let the destructive actions of a few distract from the problem of systematic racism,” Colorado Democratic State Senator Kerry Donovan said. “I’m committed to addressing the issues minorities face every day — fear and inequality. The building will be fine.”

The devastation to the building was prominent

Democratic State Senate Leader Leroy Garcia even had his truck destroyed.

Senator Garcia of Peublo has his truck smashed in daytime rioting

Colorado faces $3 billion in planned cuts from lost revenue in the coronavirus windfall.

Police Are Giving Up In Liberal Cities. It’s Causing A Criminal Utopia

Police are becoming disillusioned and giving up in Liberal cities across America as they face bricks, guns, bombs, and explosives from mobs of rioters. as well as graffiti slandering them with every name imaginable. It’s causing them to completely not care.

As a result, across America people in liberal cities are facing noone to help them when they are the victims of rape, theft or assault.

Whats saddest of all is that new york’s safe act laws prevent law abiding citizens from easily owning firearms and even defending themselves.

Courtroom Stunned As Key Witness In Weinstein Trial Mentions Top Democrat

34-year-old former actress Jessica Mann painfully told all in a Manhattan Supreme Courtroom in front of jurors today. It was for disgraced hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s rape and sex assault trial: “The first time I saw him fully naked, I felt, I thought he was deformed and intersex.

“He has extreme scarring that I didn’t know if maybe he was a burn victim.

“He does not have testicles and it appears like he has a vagina.”

She then went on to say that “It seemed his anger came from a place of shame.”

She told jurors of how he became violently angey with her when they showed up at a hotel and he said they’d need a room. She tried telling the employee at the counter it wasn’t necessary, which prompted Weinstein to rustle her into a corner of the hotel lobby and scream at her.

Mann testified before jurors: “He got very mad at me for trying to speak up.

“I was saying to the people [at the counter] ‘We don’t need a room,’ so he pulled me aside in the corner and told me not to embarrass him.”

When she was asked about Harvey Weinstein’s body odor and hygiene, she stated: “It was very bad. He smelled like s*** — excuse me, sorry, like poop. He just was dirty.”

“He ripped me up from the chair and the table and he was screaming, ‘You owe me. You owe me one more time,’ as he was dragging me into the bedroom,” she said.

Weinstein, then threw her down on the bed and demanded she take off her clothes as she was “begging him, ‘No, please don’t,’” Mann said sobbing.

Then, “he lunged at me with both hands and went into my pants and he ripped my pants so hard and so fast off of me that I had three scratches down each leg from the top of my thigh to my knee,” she said.

“He grabbed both of my ankles and he pulled me so hard down that I flew back and that’s when…he pushed my legs apart and did something with my pants to get them out of his way and then he put his mouth on my vagina,” Mann said.

“He said something I don’t know what he said and then he came at me to get on top of me and then he penetrated me…he put his penis inside of me and he started to just try to you know . . . have sex with me and I remember that he had attacked me so fast,” she said, adding that she “couldn’t breathe because he was so heavy on me.”

Afterwards, Weinstein told her, “things like, ‘Okay, now you can go have your relationship and what you can do is you can bring me other girls. You can be my, what do you call it, a wing girl’ and then he apologized to me.”

“He said, ‘I’m sorry about earlier I just find you so attractive and couldn’t resist.”

“With my religious background and everything I thought God was blessing me for having met him for committing to myself for committing to my dreams,”  Mann told the courtroom.

She then went on to recall how he peed on her once and in a separate incident, he said: “Do you like my big fat Jewish d***.”

When he tried to have sex with her at 24, and she refused, he berated her, saying “You’ll never make it in this business! This is how the industry works!”

She told jurors that things were innocent when they first met.

Then during a later meet-up, Mann and her close friend Talita Maia went to a hotel with Weinstein after a night out, where Weinstein confessed to them that they’d be “perfect” for a vampire film he was making.

“He said, ‘Listen, girls, why don’t you take your time, finish your drinks. Let’s go upstairs. I have the scripts. I’ll give you the scripts,’” said Mann, who added that Weinstein had told her she reminded him of his then-wife, Georgina Chapman, and that she was “prettier than Natalie Portman.”

“I said, ‘No, no, no, I know what that means,’ and then he laughed at me and said, ‘I’m a harmless old man,’ and then I got embarrassed because he made fun of me,” she said.

Weinstein risks the rest of his life in prison if found guilty

“As he was closing the door, he then had me by both arms and he came at me and he was pushing me back and trying to kiss me like crazy. I was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, I told you I’m not sexual,’” she said.

She testified that they then got into this “sort of tussle back and forth” and he eventually “tightened his grip.”

“The more I fought, the angrier he got and his anger scared me, so I tried to calm him down [with a] joke and he calmed down a bit,” she said. “He said, ‘I’m not letting you leave until I do something for you’ … then he told me to sit on the bed and that’s when he went down on me.”

Mann also spoke about the close relationship Harvey Weinstein had with President Bill Clinton. ‘He loved to tell me about Bill Clinton who was his neighbor. He would talk about all this money he would raise for big organizations. He had a story for almost anyone in the world. The biggest one for me was Bill Clinton’.

Prosecutor Illuzi asked about phone calls between Weinstein and Clinton and Mann said she witnessed at least three.

Weinstien would refer to Clinton as ‘Mr President’, she said.

Mann said: ‘The last two that I saw were when he was raising money for Hillary Clinton.’

Illuzi asked: ‘How did that affect your conduct with regards to the defendant?’

Mann said: ‘I was intimidated more because when you are raising that amount of money for that powerful a person they are not going to want to deal with someone crying rape.’

BLACK DEATH: Virus DNA sequenced; 96.5% Match With Similar Virus Found In Bats.

As the Coronavirus ravages China and begins it’s spread on to the rest of the world, scientists have been working around the clock to sequence the virus’ DNA and determine its origin. The findings are alarming.

The Coronavirus itself is not a new virus. It has been known of since at least the 1960s when it was first genomed. It lives mostly in live stock and farm animals, or certain species of. Bats. But most coronavirus strains are not of real concern to humans. That is, until a mutation occurs.

The virus we see today is a new type of coronavirus, mutated from some type of previous strain.

Amazingly, coronaviruses cause a large percentage of the common colds which you see in winter and spring months. Our bodies can handle the normal human strains of coronavirus.

But this virus, scientists have discovered, is not a human strain. It’s the strain of a bat’s.

Scientists working at the Wuhan Institute Of Virology have worked around the clock to unlock the mysteries of this killer cold. And after testing it with every documented coronavirus strain on the planet, uncovered that it is most closely related to bat coronavirus.

They uploaded the information in a now published online paper which can be read in full Here, and of which an excerpt can be found below:

“Previous studies indicated that some of those bat SARSr-CoVs have the potential to infect humans. Here we report the identification and characterization of a novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019) which caused an epidemic of acute respiratory syndrome in humans, in Wuhan, China. The epidemic, started from December 12th, 2019, has caused 198 laboratory confirmed infections with three fatal cases by January 20th, 2020. Full-length genome sequences were obtained from five patients at the early stage of the outbreak. They are almost identical to each other and share 79.5% sequence identify to SARS-CoV. Furthermore, it was found that nCoV-2019 is 96% identical at the whole genome level to a bat coronavirus.”

So the cause of this rapidly spreading illnesses is a virus that mutated from bats to people. But how could a virus have made such a jump? The answer lies in one of the most gross food practices in China today.

Since the outbreak occurred, videos have been circulating online blaming a disturbing culinary trend as the reason for the coronavirus outbreak. Take a look at the video below and determine for yourself if its starting to make sense on why a bat virus happens to be killing hundreds of people.

Petition To Arrest Nancy Pelosi For Treason Passes 300,000 Signatures! Share And Sign!

A petition on the White House website has surpassed 300,000 signatures, far past it’s goal of 100,000.

The petition text states:

“”Nancy Pelosi is a TRAITOR to the American People!
The Constitution defines, “Treason against the US.. ..adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens. Nancy Pelosi adheres to these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe. Pelosi refused to meet with Angel families, caused the government shut down then traveled on US dollars to Hawaii and Puerto Rico while 800,000 Fed workers don’t get paid, and uninvited Trump for SOTU. IMPEACH Pelosi for treason! “

Sign the petition below and then share this article asking your friends on social media to share and sign too.

Pelosi caught on camera waving Mexican flag on border giving hugs to migrants

Talk about a 21st century Statue of Liberty, right in the heart of the Texas Desert!

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has a different message than President Trump does when it comes to immigrants from the South: instead of build a wall, she’s about hug em all.

Nancy Pelosi participates in a US-Mexico hug ceremony

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi participates in a US-Mexico hug ceremony on the border near Laredo, Texas.

Posted by WCIV | ABC News 4 on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Black PASTOR Says Trump More Pro-Black Than Obama. Liberals Are Furious!

Cleveland- Pastor Darrel Scott of Cleveland, a co-founder of President Trump National diversity Coalition, says that President Trump is more pro-black than the previous only black president of the nation Barack Obama. Mr. Scott, who has been working with the white house on prison reform and with programs to help urban African America say’s “This is the probably going to be… the most pro-black president that I have seen in my lifetime” Mr. Scott proclaimed in the oval office meeting with the president this Wednesday. During the meeting discussed the Topics such as the prison reform bill passed by the House in May and the unemployment rate of black Americans which was brought to light in the conversation from President Trump. He added as well to make sure that former inmates find jobs. We need to remember how little the democratic party helped the urban communities during the Obama Administration.

Study: When A City Goes Democrat, Homeless And Unaffordable Stats Spiral Out Of Control

According to a study conducted of homelessness and and affordability levels in Cities across the country over the past decade, one thing is clear: Democrats are not good news for city life.

Cities that spiral too far democrat and stay there, tend to see homelessness sky rocket, and prices of rent and housing double or in some cases triple, in just the course of 10 years. It’s even worse in cities that are double whammed by a Democrat controlled State that passes liberal state laws onto the already beleaguered municipalities.

This news should not come as a surprise to those paying attention to the politics of large liberal metro areas like Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco.

Seattle elected a far left liberal Mayor and socialist city council members. Shortly after policies were enacted that these politicians had promised, the city saw already skyhigh prices soar even more in housing, rent, and food.

The more liberal a city becomes, the higher the homeless rate rises
9 out of the 10 states with worst homelessness are liberal

The study also finds that:

9 out of the 10 states with the worst homelessness rates are liberal

New York City has the worst homelessness rate in America

San Francisco is a close second

Since Seattle elected Socialists to office, their homelessness rate has skyrocketed

Another noteworthy trend for Seattle: They elected their first openly socialist politician to office in 2014, and she immediately begin getting socialist planks of her agenda passed in the city. Homeless death rates skyrocketed after her election, and continue an upward trend to this day never before seen in the city.

This video from 2 years ago highlighted a homeless crisis even less than it is today

But nowhere has been more rocked by than San Francisco has been.

San Francisco has blue skies and perfect sunny weather much of the year, but entering the city you’ll find a different story. 2019 saw the beginning of what some economists have been predicting would happen for awhile; economic apocalypse. Over 400 restaurants closed in 2019 alone. Restaurant owner Gail Wilson closed down her two decade old San Fran establishment, Memphis Minnies, blaming minimum wage laws. She laid over over a dozen employees.

“When you have a small restaurant, the minimum wage is a huge part of the finances,” Wilson said at the time to the San Francisco chronicle. “Even a small dip in sales” can be stressful financially. “It makes it hard to keep going.”

Meanwhile on the homeless front, the city spent over a quarter billion dollars on homeless services. And yet, more and more homeless keep coming to San Francisco. Nobody can understand why.

The Mayor has made it a top priority to increase funding even more for the homeless epidemic in 2020.

Mayor London Breed of San Francisco proposes an all time high city budget of over a billion dollars, focusing on homelessness.

And the city has an even bigger problem from the thousands of homeless living on the streets; they have no where to defecate. According to data, thousands of public defecations are occuring every day throughout the city, faster than the city services can pick up the feces.

New York State Of Mind

New York City ranks number on though on the place to see the biggest crisis since going full Democrat. After a decade of stability with Republican rule, the city elected Democrat Bill Deblasio. Deblasio has begun a campaign of rapid liberalization of the city. Because of it, the city is in complete disarray.

The homeless crisis has gotten so bad, the New York Post recently reported that the city buys it’s homeless one way tickets to Hawaii to get them out of the city.

It’s gotten so bad, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams told new people to New York to “Go Back To Iowa.” He’s been attacked for the statement that is seen as racist, since he has also supported protecting illegals in the city.

Reader Poll: Who Would You Vote For In A General Election? Yang Or Trump

In a hypothetical tossup between Andrew Yang and Donald Trump in the general election, who would you vote for? choose now.

“Humanity First” Capitalist Andrew Yang


Businessman tycoon and sitting President Donald J. Trump

Coming Soon
Who would you vote for in a presidential election?
Who would you vote for in a presidential election?
Who would you vote for in a presidential election?

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