Flooding and changes in the course

Flooding and changes in the course of river channels are most characteristic of Highland rivers. Lowland rivers also flood, but their channels are generally more stable. The River Tay discharges the largest volume of water of any British river and, along with other large rivers, carries significant amounts of sediment […]

Two months later

Two months later, with the big party approaching, my boyfriend and I had broken up and I had no date to the party that I had worked so hard on planning. I called my girlfriend, who was the Arrogant Flirt’s secretary, and asked her if he had a date to […]

Chairman Emeritus of Ann’s Place

Robert B. Cooper:Dr. Robert Cooper, Chairman Emeritus of Ann’s Place, has been a leading figure in Connecticut oncology and hematology research and clinical practice for four decades. Right after the parade, head to the Cheyenne Depot Plaza for the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Downtown Cheyenne. A LEAHY FAMILY CHRISTMAS Celtic […]

She worked in the Business

She worked in the Business Development Division of Ogden City. She said, “no you can’t leave. Ogden needs you. To register or for more information: 441 2374, Ext. 249. RECREATION. All that to be told there is nothing wrong with you although the programme had a very good sucess rate […]

I am a Catholic

I am a Catholic. I’ve heard arguments against homosexual relationships and gay marriage my whole life. While I appreciate the “hate the sin, not the sinner” rhetoric that attempts to promote love and not hate, I’m not sure the two sentiments are compatible. Decorating tools “We are incorporating items that […]

Jacqueline Laurita is having

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Laurita is having Kathy and Rich Wakile and Rosie Pierri over for drinks, and has invited Nicole and Bobby as well. Nicole tells us she’s “heard” (yeah, like on past seasons of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”) that Jacqueline is a troublemaker. The ladies are hanging out in […]

programmatic accounting

Philip Angelastro, Omnicom’s exec VP chief financial officer, discussed the issue of programmatic accounting on an earnings call last fall. “We follow GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles), and we’ve always tried to be clear and consistent and straightforward about it,” said Mr. Angelastro, noting that “there is a difference in […]