BLACK DEATH: Virus DNA sequenced; 96.5% Match With Similar Virus Found In Bats.

As the Coronavirus ravages China and begins it’s spread on to the rest of the world, scientists have been working around the clock to sequence the virus’ DNA and determine its origin. The findings are alarming.

The Coronavirus itself is not a new virus. It has been known of since at least the 1960s when it was first genomed. It lives mostly in live stock and farm animals, or certain species of. Bats. But most coronavirus strains are not of real concern to humans. That is, until a mutation occurs.

The virus we see today is a new type of coronavirus, mutated from some type of previous strain.

Amazingly, coronaviruses cause a large percentage of the common colds which you see in winter and spring months. Our bodies can handle the normal human strains of coronavirus.

But this virus, scientists have discovered, is not a human strain. It’s the strain of a bat’s.

Scientists working at the Wuhan Institute Of Virology have worked around the clock to unlock the mysteries of this killer cold. And after testing it with every documented coronavirus strain on the planet, uncovered that it is most closely related to bat coronavirus.

They uploaded the information in a now published online paper which can be read in full Here, and of which an excerpt can be found below:

“Previous studies indicated that some of those bat SARSr-CoVs have the potential to infect humans. Here we report the identification and characterization of a novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019) which caused an epidemic of acute respiratory syndrome in humans, in Wuhan, China. The epidemic, started from December 12th, 2019, has caused 198 laboratory confirmed infections with three fatal cases by January 20th, 2020. Full-length genome sequences were obtained from five patients at the early stage of the outbreak. They are almost identical to each other and share 79.5% sequence identify to SARS-CoV. Furthermore, it was found that nCoV-2019 is 96% identical at the whole genome level to a bat coronavirus.”

So the cause of this rapidly spreading illnesses is a virus that mutated from bats to people. But how could a virus have made such a jump? The answer lies in one of the most gross food practices in China today.

Since the outbreak occurred, videos have been circulating online blaming a disturbing culinary trend as the reason for the coronavirus outbreak. Take a look at the video below and determine for yourself if its starting to make sense on why a bat virus happens to be killing hundreds of people.


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