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Watch Eric Zemmour’s Provocative Campaign Video Announcing His Candidacy for Prime Minister of France

Eric Zemmour, the conservative radio personality in France who is making waves with an unapologetically French nationalist campaign for office, has released a campaign video that has set off a … Read More

Germany’s New Nazi Party Holds Night March Through Wunsiedel

Germany’s new nazi party, the Third Path, known in German as Der Dritte Weg, held a night march through the German city of Wunsiedel. The march and rally was to … Read More

“Bail Project” Organizer Holly Zoller’s Mission To Bail The Waukesha Terrorist Out Of Jail

Holly Zoller is no stranger to controversy. The antifascist organizer and “bail disrupter” made headlines previously for being accused of a renting a U-Haul truck and delivering supposed shields and … Read More

When Govt And Big Pharma Sprayed Kids With DDT And Insisted It Was Safe

Some people may know what DDT is, others will not. It depends on what generation you befall from. Zoomers are too young to remember DDT. Baby boomers were sprayed with … Read More


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