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Prntly’s Parent Company proudly printing The F**k Biden Flags Making News

Prntly is proud to say that our parent company, inc, is printing the F*ck Biden flags that are being bought by distributors and sold across the country. Prntpage began … Read More

Dominion Is A Sleazy, Sketchy Company That Threatens Our Democracy

Doninion Voting Systems is a sleazy and sketchy company. This has become obviously apparent as they have become a tool of Democrats to silence any discussions of election irregularities. No … Read More

Breaking: Gab’s Latest Bank drops them as client

The free speech platform gab is facing relentless assaults from the deplatforming and demonitizing agenda. This morning, Gab CEO Andrew Torba posted on the site that they have been shut … Read More

Colorado Sees Murder, Theft, Homeless Skyrocket After Going Full Liberal

Just 2 short years afte me going full Democrat for the first time in anyone’s memory, Colorado is in a freefall and imploding in on itself. The state that once … Read More


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