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Black Minneapolis Resident: “I’m Scared If You Defund The Police…”

A Black resident of Minneapolis named Keoin Franklin brought up what every rational, sane minded person thinks when hearing that liberals want to defund the police: is it going to … Read More

Facebook deleted this video of liberal proclaiming his support for Trump.

Faccebook strangely deleted this viral video showing a former liberal who decided to vote for Trump. Watch below to see the details, and then share this story that the tech … Read More

Man On Plane Threatens To Kill Everyone Unless They Admit Jesus Was Black

A man on an Alaskan Airlines flight demanded that everyone on board admit that Jesus was black, or he would kill them. Do you support President Trump? Claim your free … Read More

BLM Rioter Shoots EMS Worker In Face With Metal Ballbearing

Riots erupted in Portland again last night. Rioting has been a nightly occurrence in Portland, Oregon since the death of George Floyd in May. Do you support President Trump? Claim … Read More


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