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Liberal Mouthpiece NewsGuard Falsely Labeled Sites Reporting Wuhan Lab theory as “Fake News”

The liberal mouthpiece Newsguard, a website operating under the guise of a nonpartisan guardian of real news on the web, falsely labeled websites fake for reporting the Wuhan lab theory, … Read More

Colin Powell Was Fully Vaccinated. Now He’s Dead Of Covid Anyway

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is dead of Coronavirus complications. The 4 star General, son of immigrants from Jamaica and South Bronx, New York native, has died at age … Read More

The Democrats’ Illegals Influx And Mass Refugee Settlement Is A Nightmare On Housing Market

The Democrats policy of allowing amnesty for millions of illegals who have and are pouring across the border, coupled with a refugee resettlement program to resettle hundreds of thousands of … Read More

Taliban Now Has More Black Hawk Helicopters Than 80% Of World’s Countries

The Taliban amassed a huge array of weaponry and attack aircrafts as the US military scrambled to leave the country in the first rout in American history, and Afghan allies … Read More


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