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Illegal bashs Pelosi Hubby With Hammer. Chickens Home To Roost?

an illegal alien from Canada staying in the San Francisco bay area has been arrested after he entered Nancy Pelosi’s home and attacked her husband with a hammer. The whackjob … Read More

Battle Update: Russia Launches Over 2 Dozen Offensive Attacks Tuesday Morning, Ukrainians Put Up Fierce Resistance

Tuesday, March 15th: Russian forces comprised of Russian slavic conscript soldiers, Chechen volunteers, Dagestani recruits, Circassian Axillaries and hundreds of other components of the vast Russian ‘Empire’ launched a series … Read More

Iran BLOWS UP US Airbase in Iraq. Many casualties reported. US Bombers Enroute to Tehran

this is a breaking news story in development. Iranian missiles pulverized a US Airforce Base in Erbil, Iraq, decimating it. Multiple casualties reported. Fighter planes are being scrambled from US … Read More

Medieval China’s Untold Legacy of Enslaving Blacks And Treating Them As Exotic Animals

Much is told about the enslavement of black Africans by America. One can’t go a day without hearing some direct or indirect reference to slavery on the television or in … Read More


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