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When Covid Hit, Nurses Needed Masks. So Big Tech Banned Their Sale And Made It Worse

What happened in 2020 when COVID hit will probably go down as of the greatest examples in US history of market regulation failure. Do you support President Trump? Claim your … Read More

Biden Attempts To Suppress Only Black Person Running For President

Following their history for the past 150+ years, the Democrats have done what they always do best: suppress black people. Do you support President Trump? Claim your free flag and … Read More

Colorado HOA Head Enters Woman’s House To Tell Her To Mow The Grass

A woman is Brighton, Colorado has filed a police report over an overzealous HOA busybody who reportedly entered her home without knocking or ringing the door. The very surprised woman … Read More

FBI Putting Law Abiding Conservatives With No Criminal History On Gun “No-Buy” Lists

The FBI has begun reportedly putting conservative activists on gun no-buy lists, even if they don’t have have the criteria not to own a firearm. Watch what happened to conservative … Read More


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