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As Dems Shut Down More Pipelines, Costly Trucking Of Oil To Drive Up Prices By Winter

One of the first moves of the Biden administration upon taking office was to stop the extension of the Keystone Pipeline, a oil pipeline that extends all the way from … Read More

Indian Restaurant Owner In Vegas faces Boycott For Supporting Trump

the indian owner of restaurant Saffron Flavors of India is facing a harsh boycott for supporting the MAGA movement. Do you support President Trump? Claim your free flag and hat … Read More

Biden Regime Puts Opposition Figures On Secret No Fly List, Preventing Them From Leaving Country

The Biden Regime has placed opposition figures to his administration on a secret No Fly List, preventing Americans who are most vocal against him from leaving the country. Do you … Read More

NY DA Charges Trump ORG With Something Every NY Dem Politician Has Done

The New York district attorney, in his vile and indefinite search for a crime committed by the former President, has charged the President’s organization for being a good boss. In … Read More


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