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When Govt And Big Pharma Sprayed Kids With DDT And Insisted It Was Safe

Some people may know what DDT is, others will not. It depends on what generation you befall from. Zoomers are too young to remember DDT. Baby boomers were sprayed with … Read More

BLM Wanted To Loot And Riot With Impunity. Now They Want To Mass Kill Whites Too

Black Lives Matters activists, encouraged by Democrat politicians last year who told them it was ok when done under the banner of social justice, looted and rioted with impunity, feeling … Read More

The Great Migration: How Largest Migration In History Is Driving Housing Market Prices To The Abyss

The housing market continues to reach unimaginable levels. Each month, rents creep higher than the previous month. Each week, home prices become a little more unaffordable to the average American. … Read More

Sheltered White South African Girl Joins Pro-Black EFF, Which Chants “Kill The Whites” At Rallies

A sheltered 19 year old girl from South Africa, who admits in a news article by BBC that she lives a sheltered existence in a mostly white South African University, … Read More


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