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The Democrats’ Illegals Influx And Mass Refugee Settlement Is A Nightmare On Housing Market

The Democrats policy of allowing amnesty for millions of illegals who have and are pouring across the border, coupled with a refugee resettlement program to resettle hundreds of thousands of … Read More

Taliban Now Has More Black Hawk Helicopters Than 80% Of World’s Countries

The Taliban amassed a huge array of weaponry and attack aircrafts as the US military scrambled to leave the country in the first rout in American history, and Afghan allies … Read More

BREAKING: Taliban Delagates Enter Afghan Presidential Palace

Taliban delegates have entered the presidential palace of Afghanistan . Surrender of the entire country to the Taliban is expected within the hour. Do you support President Trump? Claim your … Read More

As Dems Shut Down More Pipelines, Costly Trucking Of Oil To Drive Up Prices By Winter

One of the first moves of the Biden administration upon taking office was to stop the extension of the Keystone Pipeline, a oil pipeline that extends all the way from … Read More


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