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Gun Store Owner Getting Robbed Fakes Heart Attack To Trick Robbers, Then Shoots 1 Cold

A gun store owner tricked 4 robbers by pretending to have heart problems, then shot one of them in the shoulder as they tried to get away. The shot robber … Read More

New York City Gangland Shootings skyrocket 177% As City Descends Into Crime

New York City is on a freefall back into being a crime mecca. Thanks to a number of legal reforms made, like a ban on cash bail, and an admonishment … Read More

California Democrats Moved To And Took Over Colorado. Now The Crime Rate’s SKYROCKETING

California Democrats fled their state due to high taxes and expenses caused by big government. While californians have gone all over, one state in particular saw a complete takeover at … Read More

Kramer Calls Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” To Her Face On Live Television

CNBC’s Jim Kramer called Speaker Nancy Pelosi “crazy Nancy” to her face on his show, shocking the Democratic Congresswoman. The jab prompted President Trump to retweet the incident. Do you … Read More


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