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Report: Cali & NY Lockdowns Forced Dem Voters To Red States & Cost Trump Election

a scathing new report by the Prntly executive Board is being published in the coming weeks which will show data that proves Democrats, whether intentionally or not, forced democrat voters … Read More

Ebay, Etsy and Mercari ban Items That Say “Stop The Steal” & anti-Election Fraud”

Big tech is squeezing the vice around proponents of free and fair elections. The 3 online marketplaces Ebay, Etsy and Mercari have all banned the sale of items that refer … Read More

Prntly launches Telegram Channel

Prntly has launched a telagram channel for its telagram users to follow. It can be found at Do you support President Trump? Claim your free flag and hat now Claim … Read More

Democrats & Big Tech Censorship May Have Triggered A Stock Market Crash

Big Tech’s draconian censorship of all things Trump related may be triggering a crash in the stock market. After dropping a few points friday in response to Facebook and Twitter’s … Read More


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