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Trump Supporters Should Cancel Chase Accounts

JPMorgan Chase has for years surgically removed influential conservatives from their banking services. They hit conservatives who need them most, and have deplatformed hundreds of Trump supporters. Do you support … Read More

Bank Of America Has Police Break Elderly Woman’s Foot For Not Wearing Mask

Bank Of America had the Galveston, Texas police come respond to a woman for not wearing a mask, the day after the Governor of Texas had ordered the mask mandate … Read More

Since Taking Office, NY’s AG Won’t Prosecute Any Black People

since taking office as New York’s Attorney General, Leticia James has prosecuted hundreds of cases, going far and wide beyond even the borders of New York. She sends cease and … Read More

New Yorkers Are So Stupidly Liberal, Over 20% Still Support Cuomo After Scandals

The rest of the country knows that New Yorkers are shockingly stupid when it comes to their far leftwing politics, but just how stupid they are just came to light … Read More


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