Colorado Governor Says OK To Vandalize Capitol, Just Social Distance

Colorado Governor Jared Polis said it’s OK to vandalize the state capitol building. Just make sure you social distance.

The billionaire who lives at his mansion in Boulder, an hour northwest of Denver, was fine with the vandalism. He and other Colorado democrats even endorsed it.

Colorado Dem Kerry Donovan fully supported the vandalism

“We cannot let the destructive actions of a few distract from the problem of systematic racism,” Colorado Democratic State Senator Kerry Donovan said. “I’m committed to addressing the issues minorities face every day — fear and inequality. The building will be fine.”

The devastation to the building was prominent

Democratic State Senate Leader Leroy Garcia even had his truck destroyed.

Senator Garcia of Peublo has his truck smashed in daytime rioting

Colorado faces $3 billion in planned cuts from lost revenue in the coronavirus windfall.


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