George Floyd Was The Excuse. Govts Created This Monster With 3 Months Of Lockdowns

Across the United States, civil unrest is destroying liberal cities. The excuse is George Floyd, a man displaced from his home in Dallas after the government forced his job to end with the shutdown, and who ended up in Minneapolis killed while an attempt to arrest him went wrong.

As a result of this, protests turned into riots nationwide over the killing, and now internationally.

A shocking video has gone viral showing the sacking of a neighborhood in Manhattan. The footage is almost apocalyptic. Mobs of people warm a posh Manhattan neighborhood, destroying and looting.

Take a look below.

The footage is horrifying, and a message for what is instore for the rest of America if Donald Trump loses in November.

And in St. Louis, Missouri, the DA has released all of those arrested previously for rioting.

in Salt Lake City, rioters flipped a police car and then set it on fire. The Democrats are destroying their own cities and defending it, showing us exactly what’s in store when November comes if they win the White House.

In Colorado meanwhile, the Governor told protesters they can vandalize the Capitol as much as they want, but just make sure to social distance.


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