Deblasio Wants People To Stop Sharing His Daughter’s Mugshot

Mayor Bill Deblasio of New York City had his own daughter arrested by NYPD for throwing objects at police officers. She was arrested for it under a week ago and is charged with multiple counts of facilitating in the mayhem. But Deblasio came out in support of his daughter, saying he was proud of her.

The NYPD union posted a response on twitter about the subject, and deblasio quickly had their tweet removed from twitter because of the personal information it shared.

“How can the NYPD protect the city of NY from rioting anarchist when the Mayors object throwing daughter is one of them. Now we know why he is forbidding Mounted units to be mobilized and keeping the NYPD from doing their jobs,” read the Sergeants’ Union tweet.

After the tweet was removed, the union again responded.

The SBA was outraged that the tweet was removed.

“[T]he purpose of twitter and social media is to allow a free exchange of ideas as long as it’s lawful speech…not only did they shut down our account because of something that is already out there but this is a union social media account that we use to communicate to our members but also to mobilize our members and keep them up to date on issues,” Mullins said. “This is a time we need to communicate with our members and public….and is an attack against union issues and the relevant events going on.”

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31 thoughts on “Deblasio Wants People To Stop Sharing His Daughter’s Mugshot

  1. I did not know that the Mayor married a black woman until I saw his daughter’s photo and googled it.
    Now I am woke.

    1. He should, but he won’t. He still thinks he is NYC’s best Mayor… when in fact he just might retain the title of the WORST NYC has ever had.

  2. Mr Deblasio’ s daughter’s arrest Isa matter of public record , so , along with gross mismanagement of the pandemic , it’s now obvious he hasn’t even properly managed his own child rearing duties ! His qualifications to be mayor were exactly what ?

  3. He should ask for a paternity test and include Adam Schiff as a probable sperm donor. As for the attempt to erase his daughters’s arrest and charges of vehicular vandalism of city property, he’s a two faced double standard bias liberal traitor to all Americans who are subject to the laws of the land.

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