Event To Liberate Seattle Goes Viral As Bikers Nationwide Vow To Remove Antifa Barricades

American patriots from across the country have vowed to ride, drive and run into Seattle from across the nation and liberate the city’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone from Antifa radicals who have blockaded themselves in the district.

The event can be found below


Trump-supporting Bikers have agreed to ride once more. This time in an effort to liberate the illegal antifa occupation of Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood.

The bikers are going to ride into Seattle on July 4th, and remove the barricades that have turned the neighborhood into an open air prison.

The bikers are feared by the antifa socialists

Join the event below, and share this article on your facebook asking your friends to join the event as well.

Join the event using the link below to show your support to our brave patriotic bikers:


Antifa has taken control of an area of downtown Seattle and barricaded the surrounding neighborhood. The area is now swarming with antifa terrorists, as police have given up and abandoned the district. What has now come next is a complete anarchist antifa zone where they’ve seized full control. They are not permitting non antifa or social outsiders into the district at all. And they are looting stores freely within the district perimeter. Armed guards patrol the outer perimeter and every hour more antifa terrorists flock to the area.

President Donald Trump said that he will send in the military to crush a Antifa rebellion in a Seattle neighborhood.

Antifa terrorists have illegally occupied 6 square blocks of territory within the city of Seattle, and declared it a autonomous zone. They named it the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, taken over the police precinct, and seceded from the United States.


Bikers For Trump can also use your help to make this event a success for America, and you can help from the comfort of your own home. Please share this article link, join the event that’s posted above, and invite your patriotic friends to the official facebook event.

The Indian Immigrant communist who destroyed Seattle to create an antifa army

Antifa terrorists have occupied 6 square blocks of Seattle for a few days now and declared it autonomous from the United States. They have setup roadblocks to cordon off their territory and have allegedly begun extorting businesses, according to reports. But to understand what exactly is happening in Seattle, we need to go back to the root of the insurgency.

In 2013, a relatively unknown lawful immigrant from India named Kshama Swant decided that she was going to run for office as a socialist. She was an economic instructor in the city and a member of the Socialist Alternative Party. She had previously run unsuccessfully for the house of representatives but lost. In the race for city council though, she won.

She ran on a far left socialist platform of raising the minimum wage, passing a millionaire’s tax, and pushing for the passage of the now repealed Head Tax on Amazon, the city’s largest employer.

She would say things like “When things are exquisitely beautiful and rare, they shouldn’t be privately owned,” and this appealed to her district voters. Multiple times business leaders came together to try and oust her, but she would soundly defeat challengers.

One thing Kshama admits is that a socialist utopia cannot exist without becoming global. That’s why she wants to expand her socialist system outward, wherever Capitalism is. She used her council position as a podium to bully the already leftist Mayor into passing her socialist party agenda. It worked. And the city came crashing down for it.

Kshama Swant almost singlehandly brought Seattle into an socio-economic catastrophe in just 6 years

Minimum wage laws have caused mass layoffs and inflation in food prices throughout the city. millionaire’s taxes have caused rent prices to spiral upward, and scared away developers from building any more properties in the city.

And homelessness, which she had said she’d eradicate, has gotten so bad that Seattle is now among the leaders in homelessness.

This video from 2 years ago highlighted a homeless crisis even less than it is today

Shortly after all of her policies were enacted that she had promised, the city saw already skyhigh prices soar even more in housing, rent, and food.

And it follows a trend seen in other liberal cities too. A recent study found that the more liberal a city’s policies, the worse it’s homeless rate.

The more liberal a city becomes, the higher the homeless rate rises
9 out of the 10 states with the worst homelessness are liberal

The study also finds that:

9 out of the 10 states with the worst homelessness rates are liberal.

New York City has the worst homelessness rate in America.

San Francisco is a close second.

Since Seattle elected Socialists to office, their homelessness rate has skyrocketed.

As for Kshama Swant, it looks like she’s not going anywhere any time soon. She just defeated her 3rd challenger, winning election for another term.

Now that she’s destroyed her city’s economy, it’s created masses of impoverished workers to support her radical grand agenda of communism nationwide.


23 thoughts on “Event To Liberate Seattle Goes Viral As Bikers Nationwide Vow To Remove Antifa Barricades

  1. Trump wont need to use Federal Troops. These bikers will take care of it for him. What can the Mayor do about it. Call the Police.. HAHA

  2. Somebody needs to put them in there place because the official won’t. They are cowards. Go bikers. Let’s see how many l can get to help out.

  3. Antifa are losers and pussies who live in mommy and daddy’s basement! They are aimless and wish to belong to something, anything! Cannot wait to see this go down. Hope the patriot bikers kick their spoiled and naive little asses!

    1. This is not necessarily true. We have ANTIFA members in VT. Some are hard working, well off adults. Many of the United States Military. I am 100% against what is going around in the World today. They’re wide spread across the country. They are armed and willing to go the distance. I am wishing those being held in CHAZ are able to be saved.
      This is more than Millennials uprising. I hope that under all thos destruction and death we can come to change some of laws and invest into our police departments with more training as well as more mental help for our officers who see the sh** everyday. So we can be shielded from it.

      1. Marlene did you just say many Antifa members are U.S. military? Who the hell put that thought into your head?

  4. I love the bikers and admire and respect their courage but they will blame all this on Trump and they will arrest any and all bikers they can get and protect these animal terrorist that are destroying our nation! You can say, cut all the utilities off and stop the food from coming in all day long but when you have a mayor that is protecting them and supporting them it will never happen. I say let Trump handle it since he’s going to get the blame anyway! since they know now that the bikers are coming trust me they will be on top of buildings and hiding out with their AK-47 and there will be a lot of bloodshed and bikers killed and I don’t want to lose not one of our bikers. These animals are terrorists and that’s what our military is trained and supposed to protect us from even if they have to wipe out the whole eight blocks! that would be better than losing one life of a biker!

    1. Most bikers were military. And don’t worry, bikers have more experience with these sorts of low lifes than do the police.

  5. God speed..
    God be with you all.. Get those reports out of there thats what they want 1 min of fame..

  6. The bikers I grew up with in the 70’s and 80’s would do just that. Rise up and protect its country, citizens and the President! I was wondering where the bikers were, so happy to hear this. Bikers have always been Patriots! Prayers for strength, courage and success! Thank you and God Bless.

  7. Bikers should support ANTIFA since bikers are, in fact. Anti Fascist themselves. Donald Trump, also is not a fascist leader. Therefore everyone us on the same side. Bikers, you know some cops are dicks. You know the system is f$%%^ brother. Stand fir freedom from the police state and join the protesters. They need your protection.

    1. Get the hell out you Antifa scum, hope to see you there in CHAZ, your skull is going to crack open like a taco.

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