Facebook threatens us with shadow ban without giving reason why

Facebook has recently stepped up it’s threats of silencing conservative media on it’s platform. The latest has saw a string of threatening emails to our site. The social media platform will not say why though, they might remove us. Their reasoning is often vague, or there is no reason at all. Facebook has recently stepped up efforts to de-platform conservative voices online.

the latest email said:

“we found that Prntly didn’t follow our community Standards. It’s against our standards to mislead people or facebook by things like:

misrepresenting your page’s identity or purpose

using multiple facebook accounts or sharing accounts between multiple people

creating new accounts or taking other actions to avoid restrictions on posting, commenting or sharing too much

making ti difficult to know your content’s origin or making your content seem more popular than it is

We may restrict or unpublish your Page if it goes against these or any of our other Community Standards again. These standards are in place to help keep Facebook safe for everyone.

View Community Standards


The Facebook Team

Now to respond to this. We are a conservative media site, and there is no hiding this.

To respond to the second issue. We have multiple team members who manage prntly. This is a feature of facebook pages, so it doesn’t make sense to have this be against their rules.

We have no other prntly pages, in response to the third potential violation.

And we don’t even know how to respond to the 4th. We publish news articles for a conservative audience. There’s nothing ulterior about it.

This just goes to show that Facebook is becoming dangerous in it’s power, andd it must eventually be combatted for censorship.


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