Bernie advances socialist healthcare even as it fails coronavirus patients worldwide

Bernie Sanders and the other presidential candidates want fully open borders, even as the Coronavirus wrecks havoc on the outside world.

Bernie said on stage that he wants to allow all who come into the United States, and that there should be no border security. He said he would abolish ICE if elected. This is as the Coronavirus wrecks havoc elsewhere and infected continue to flee into other states.

The Coronavirus is barely penetrating the United States, thanks largely in part to President Trump’s strong stance on border security. The virus has been unable to cause an endemic in the United States, even as it spreads elsewhere through the world.

The us has seen all known cases to have so far lead to full recovery. Others meanwhile remain in stable condition from the virus.

A left wing Harvard professor was charged this month with spying for the Chinese Government. Charles Lieber taught at Harvard University in Boston. he was arrested and after being arraigned in Boston federal court, released on $1 million bail. His arrest is a result of his dealings with the Chinese government.

He has not explicitly been charged with espionage yet. But he has been charged with lying to federal department of defense investigators on his dealings with the Chinese Government.

lieber was the chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department, so his arrest has sent shockwaves through the academic community.

Lieber received secret payments of $50,000 a month, plus bonuses, to help China setup a chemical research lab in Wuhan, China. Wuhan is where the new coronavirus plague began. The Harvard-WUT Nano Key Lab was established by Lieber in Wuhan.

In April, 2018 he was approached by FBI investigators who asked him about the Wuhan research lab. He said he was unfamiliar with it, and had never been asked for anything by the Chinese government. This was a lie though, and he now faces federal charges.

Wuhan is ironically where the coronvirus broke out at. It’s now infected over 75,000 people worldwide. Israeli intelligence officials came out publicly to accuse China of biologically creating the virus.

Virus outbreak grows

The Coronavirus continues to spread, and it seems now that containing it is not an option. There’s a number of reasons for this. The virus has a long incubation period. It’s being found out now that many people can go infected without even realizing it for a number of days or weeks. The virus also seems to stay with people or come back even after someone has been infected. Because of this, people an walk around infecting others without even realizing it for weeks.

The other problem is that it is apparently highly contagious. It doesn’t take much contact to get someone infected. People are becoming sick in places where they don’t even have a record of coming in contact with an infected.

It’s been speculated that the Coronavirus was created at a lab in Wuhan. Ironically, China’s only biological research lab for handling weaponized viruses is in Wuhan, China. Recently a professor from the United States who specializes is viral research was charged by the federal government with lying about his work at the laboratory. All signs point to a fact that says the virus was man made.

It’s also been exposed in media that the lab there in Wuhan has gotten in trouble before for selling animals that had been experimented on to local markets. An illegal way to make extra cash. Regardless if this is the cause of the outbreak or not, this shows the security lapses at the facility.

The virus will not cause mass death. But it will cause mass economic hardship. Putting large numbers of people out of work will have crippling effects on the economy. And this may have been the intended effect all along.

Bernie wants to remove the healthcare system defeating Coronavirus

America is in the middle of an important election this year. And the stakes have turned deadly. We’re faced with a possible pandemic, not see on earth in over a century. And we need strong leadership to face it.

Bernie is looking to be the nominee for the Democrats. Him being President would be disastrous. Senator Sanders spent a good portion of his life as what some may call a loser. Could not keep a job, could never pay rent, always had his utilities turned off. And this was during the 60s and 70s when things were much more affordable. In fact, he lived his life as a revolutionary drifter up until 39. Then he found a way to get paid for being lazy. It was as Mayor of Burlington.

Since then, Bernie has been both a Burlington mayor and a vermont Senator. He hasn’t done anything but vocally voice support for communist dictators in the 80s and 90s..he also visited the Soviet Union where he was recorded singing communist songs naked and drunk.

Since then, Bernie has been both a Burlington mayor and a vermont Senator. He hasn’t done anything but vocally voice support for communist dictators in the 80s and 90s..he also visited the Soviet Union where he was recorded singing communist songs naked and drunk.

Bernie doesn’t have the skills to manage the government during a viral pandemic. He can’t even answer basic questions on how he’s going to pay for all the free programs he wants the government to do. How is he supposed to handle a crisis like this? And on top of it, he wants to take away America’s private healthcare in the middle of an outbreak. So far, American healthcare is vastly outperforming the universal socialist healthcare systems Bernie wants to implement. In Iran and Italy, both countries with Socialist healthcare, fatality rates are the highest in the world now, at 11%. Italy is at 3%, much lower than Iran, but still high. Meanwhile in the United States, the mortality rate is 0%. Every person in the US sick with Coronavirus has made a full recovery.

So why would Bernie want to take this healthcare away?

Sanders was never taken serious until the past two or three weeks. Now he’s being seen as the front runner for the Democrats and potential nominee. Time will tell if he’ll actually be it. But if he is, then America will have to decide if it wants to take such a deadly risk in electing him.

liberal media contributes to panic

Across the globe, the media spreads panic about the Coronavirus. But it’s fatality rate is small. If you are already healthy, your chances of dying are slim to none. And for the United States, we’re leading the globe in recovery. While other countries struggle to contain the virus and treat infected, the US already has a whopping 100% recovery rate. Meanwhile, countries with socialist healthcare systems are facing brutal fatality rates, like those in Iran and Italy.

And for treatment, while the rest of the world panics and prepares for quarantine, in the United States there’s already been multiple vaccines developed.

Here’s the latest statistics on the virus as it spreads.

total infected- 83,379

total recovered- 36,525

recovery rate- 93%

active cases- 43,996

serious cases- 8099

expected to recover- 35,897

total dead- 2,835

Total fatality rate in children under 9- 0%

total fatality rate in those over 80- 14%

10.5% fatality rate if patient has cardiovascular disease

7.3% for diabetes

6.3% for chronic respiratory disease

6% for hypertension

5.6% for cancer

0% fatality rate if the patient is in the United States.

2-4% if in China.

Overall outside of china, the fatality rate is 0.7%.


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