This is how the democrats delivered the articles of impeachment to senate. Really.

Taking lessons out of their hollywood friends’ playbooks, the Democrats from the house decided to make the deliverance of articles of impeachment to the senate a theatrical affair. Democratic reps delivered the articles flanked by royal red banisters and flashing lights, the paparazzi placed on balconies surrounding them moments before.

The spectacle unfolded as Nancy Pelosi told reporters she had to save the country unfortunately, like a super hero who begrudgingly accepts her role.

The democrats have made high fanfare of the impeachment process, from reading fake transcripts to making fantastical claims on saving the country.

Oh yes believe it Ben.


3 thoughts on “This is how the democrats delivered the articles of impeachment to senate. Really.

  1. This article is so stupid it hurts my head. The Democrats are doing what’s right for the country. The Republicans are doing what’s right for Putin and their pocketbooks.

  2. Mitt Romney, hypocritical puppet of Pelosi the admitted poster child that supports government systems having a long trail of proven failures. They demand higher taxes, socialized medicine, abortions, free flow of illegal aliens needed for their votes, freedom of religion so long they are the king or queen. They build monuments to themselves such as sanctuary cities where their kind can fester together and plot against patriotic Americans who still believe in God and support the constitution.

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