The Tallest Cactus In America Is 45 Feet Tall

Cactuses grow all across the United States and Mexico, but only one grow to be remarkably tall. The saguaro cactus grows only in Arizona and mexico. It requires very specific conditions that keep itself range contained to certain parts of Arizona and northern Mexico.

It can also be found in a small section of California. But visiting the Sanoran desert and you’ll be left in awe at their abundance.

They take a long time to grow, and their life span exceeds 150 years. They don’t begin growing a side arm until 75-100 years old.

They vary greatly in size. The tallest currently known specimen is the Champion Saguaro in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Not the tallest, but close

The tallest ever recorded was in Cold Creek, Arizona, and it measured to a miraculous 75 feet in height.

Though their range isn’t that big, they’re considered to be not a concern for extinction at all. In fact, they’re flourishing in their habitat.

Traditionally they provided many uses for indigenous people of the region. Now they still to this day provide food as they can be cooked and eaten, which is more common across the border in Mexico.

If you visit North America, they’re a sight to see.


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