USA Leads The World In Coronavirus Recovery At 100%, Beats Socialist Europe

Across the globe, the media spreads panic about the Coronavirus. But it’s fatality rate is small. And if you are already healthy, your chances of dying are slim to none. And for the United States, we’re leading the globe in recovery. While other countries struggle to contain the virus and treat infected, the US already has a whopping 100% recovery rate. Meanwhile, countries with socialist healthcare systems are facing brutal fatality rates, like those in Iran and Italy.

Here’s the latest statistics on the virus as it spreads.

total infected- 83,379

total recovered- 36,525

recovery rate- 93%

active cases- 43,996

serious cases- 8099

expected to recover- 35,897

total dead- 2,835

Total fatality rate in children under 9- 0%

total fatality rate in those over 80- 14%

10.5% fatality rate if patient has cardiovascular disease

7.3% for diabetes

6.3% for chronic respiratory disease

6% for hypertension

5.6% for cancer

0% fatality rate if the patient is in the United States.

2-4% if in China.

Overall outside of china, the fatality rate is 0.7%.


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