Joe Biden Leans In And Appears To Sniff Baby

Joe Biden has been doing some really weird stuff over the years. There was the time he talked about the time he battled with a gangster named cornpop, talked about children in swimming pools being little roaches, and told a bunch of kids that the sun makes his leg hairs turn blond. Well now he may have topped it all off. A video has surfaced of crazy joe leaning in and sniffing a baby boy. It’s gross. Have a look


One thought on “Joe Biden Leans In And Appears To Sniff Baby

  1. Wow. Dude cannot help himself. Not only did he sniff the child’s head several rapid times but also notice how right after that he says, “Don’t tell momma what I told ya.” … ? Da fuk! His lips NEVER MOVED TO SPEAK!! That statement was his “cover up” for very disturbing actions.. but actually, when would saying something like that to a complete strangers child as a 70 something elderly man ever be appropriate? Well, never, unless you happen to be a politician with a following entirely comprised of willfully blind and ignorant stupifucks that would seriously, if given a chance, choose to elect a long and piping hot loaf shit snake that a homeless dude already picked the name Jeffrey for and birthed it directly on their bottom step in a gentle swirling pattern. Fuck, that would really be divine intervention! “Holy shit on my steps! My eyes are finally open and now they burn with hot tears of joy as this over-whelming scent rises up, reassuring me with every nostril full that indeed, this is the powerful odor of change on the wind, a combination of the best of all of me and all my party has to offer, the poop enlightenment. ” Jeffrey the poop did not know that all he had to do was be named something other than Donald Trump and his rich and lavish future was instantly decided for him! Making a big push and going from a lowly nomad turdlette with not one dream of transferring to maybe a shoe, or if he was lucky, a bike tire to being appointed first and shittiest Pres of the New Poop Order. K I’m done.

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