Councilwoman Complains of Threats For Tweet Supporting To Infect Trumpers With Coronavirus

Denver City Councilwoman and self described democratic socialist Candi CdeBaca drew international criticism yesterday because she tweeted support for another tweet in which somebody said that if they get the coronavirus, they would go to as many Trump rallies as possible.

The councilwoman tweeted “yaaas” with emojis in her reply. She has since had thousands of calls and messages that she says are harassment and threatening. She wants them to stop.

She told local news channel 7 in Denver that the threats are taking things to a further level than it needs to go. She read a few of the threats.

“Dumb c—t. I hope you run into a group of skinheads at night,” one email she received had said.

“I want to see the news that the youngest in your family were drown in dog s—t and hacked into hog food by MS13,” another email said.

“Knock knock, answer your door. I’m so glad we know where you live.” A third said.


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