Democrats & Big Tech Censorship May Have Triggered A Stock Market Crash

Big Tech’s draconian censorship of all things Trump related may be triggering a crash in the stock market. After dropping a few points friday in response to Facebook and Twitter’s censorship of President Trump, their stocks are now tumbling. This follows a massive soviet union style purge of all things conservative, with big tech effectively labeling everyone affiliated with supporting President Trump, some 70 to 80 million Americans, domestic terrorists or worthy of being censored.

Ironically the media still hasn’t learned that their bias and unfairness is bringing this on. Forbes, now a leftwing rag, said today “Dow Falls 200 Points, Twitter Shares Sink 8%, As Market Eyes Earnings And Stimulus.” And CNBC said in their headline “Stock market live updates: Stocks off lows, Tesla down 4%, Twitter losses 5%, correction coming?”

But the media and American people both know of the one thing done Friday that would cause a total loss of confidence in the market. Facebook stocks are also plummeting as well as Amazon. Thank you big tech communists. You just destroyed the economy.


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