FBI Withheld Report On Alleged Pelosi Pedophile Family Coverup For 57 Years- Until Today

The FBI has let slip what many in conservative circles knew for awhile: that Nacy Pelosi’s father had links to organized crime, as well as Communist sympathizers in the 50s and 60s.

The Pelosi Crime Family meme has been circulating online for some time, but many people do not know the full details of it………

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is worth tens of millions of dollars, owns estates and vineyards and penthouses. But how did she come across so much vast wealth?

Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore, Maryland to Annunciata M. “Nancy” D’Alesandro and Thomas D’Alexsandro Jr. She grew up with her family learning politics from her father, Thomas. Under Thomas D’Alesandro’s leadership as Mayor, the Baltimore mafia flourished with impunity. They were called the “Baltimore Crew,” and were probably the most untouched mafia crew in the United States. They controlled gambling, extortion, drug, labor and prostitution rackets with impunity, and many attribute this to Nancy’s father.

Thomas was rumored for decades to be backed by organized crime. And now newly released memos by the FBI this month show just how bad it was.

The memos are shocking. They also point to an alleged coverup of his son, nancy’s brother, for being involved in a pedophile ring, even having been arrested at one point for the rapes of 11 and 13 year old girls.

The memos are almost 300 pages long and give a large glimpse into how the Pelosi family came to power. They detail local mafioso who were said to aquietence Pelosi’s father, Tommy D’Alesandro, like Gambino Crime Family mafia member for the Baltimore faction, Charlie Cammarata. Cammarata is alleged to have operated with impunity thanks to protection from D’Alesandro. This is according to testimony from a Baltimore police captain named John Rollman. Captain Rollman spoke to the FBI during their investigation into the Pelosi (D’Alesandro) crime family’s dealings. Cammarata ran his mafia rackets allegedly from a tavern he owned in Baltimore. Another gangster in Baltimore by the name of Bunny Linger operated gambling dens without fear of harrassment from police, allegedly due to his connections to D’Alesandro. D’Alesandro was a big Democrat party boss in Baltimore. He would become Mayor of Baltimore, and then a Maryland Congressman.

Another Gambino Crime Family Baltimore Faction member by the name of Jonny Cataneo was a major financial backer behind the scenes of D’Alesandro’s political career. The FBI spent extensive time investigating reports of corruption by D’Alesandro. A picture is painted that gives a glimpse, but only a glimpse, into the shady dealings on his part. But unfortunately due to the then brick wall of OMERTA, the mafia code of silence that had never yet been broken at that point, the FBI was never able to fully penetrate Tommy D’Alesandro’s den of corruption. So while he was known to get major financial support from the Gambino Crime Family through Jonny Cataneo, while other Gambino Baltimore mafioso like Charlie Cammarata, Bunny Linger, and others. The Baltimore mafia was ran for most of it’s years by Vit, Pasquale and Frank Corbi, AKA the Corbi brothers. They operated as some of the longest running mafia Capos in American history, without major arrests. Only major political protection could explain such a phenomenon.

Also in the FBI memos as mentioned earlier is a link to a possible fix in a trial his son was on for being a rapist pedophile.

Nancy Pelosi’s brother, Franklin Roosevelt D’Alesandro, had been arrested for raping two little girls. The case went to trial, and he was acquitted. But rumors swirled of a fix in the trial, so much so that the FBI actually followed up on them, as detailed in the report.

The report is very extensive, and can be fully reviewed on the FBI website here.


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