Liberal Mouthpiece NewsGuard Falsely Labeled Sites Reporting Wuhan Lab theory as “Fake News”

The liberal mouthpiece Newsguard, a website operating under the guise of a nonpartisan guardian of real news on the web, falsely labeled websites fake for reporting the Wuhan lab theory, even in some instances getting the websites blocked and causing harm to their readership.

Newsguard repeatedly pushed the notion through the pandemic that the theory of covid-19 being developed in a lab in Wuhan was unequivocally fake news. Even discussing it would lead to verbal attacks by NewsGuard and accusations of fake news peddling.

But now, this theory is the most mainstream one on the origins of Coronavirus and the pandemic. Even more so, it is discussed regularly now by mainstream media outlets and in Congress. But before any of these entities brought the theory up, it was brought up by online conservative news websites who broke the stories on this covid origin theory. Without alternative news sites that Newsguard considered fake for even reporting this as a possible origin, it is unknown how long it would have made it to the public.

Newsguard hasn’t been wrong just this time either. They have a long list of instances and bias where they attack all conservative news reports whenever possible. And because of it, their credibility continues going down the drain.


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