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What Is Going On Across The World


3 days ago 188 Views

Venezuela: Private schools and universities close due to economic crisis

Venezuela’s economic crisis has hit all sectors of the country and this time the victim is education: Several private schools around the country will

Election 2016

download 1 day ago 488 Views

Low Energy Hillary Was Tired, Slurring Her Speech During Debate. Did She Have A Stroke?

Hillary Clinton’s performance was meek and staggering at the first Presidential Debate tonight. Her speech was slurred and many viewers couldn’t help but notice

Crime Across The Nation

clinton-byrd 1 month ago 535 Views

BREAKING: Democrat KKK Grand Wizard Caught Kissing Hillary

WASHINGTON DC- Robert Byrd, the KKK Grand Wizard who used his Klan influence to propel to the height of power in West Virginia politics

This Is Who Wants You To Pay...

1 month ago 230 Views