Yang Puts His Foot Down: Hosting A Town Hall At Drake University Tonight at 6pm.

Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang says he has had enough of the DNC’s corrupt tactics after being denied a podium on the debate stage.

Yang’s campaign released the results of two polls the campaign commissioned earlier this month. The Companies used for the campaigns independently commissioned polls are also used by the DNC.

According to Yang’s campaign, the results of these polls would qualify the candidate.

To take a stand against these tatics he will be hosting a town hall the night before the Democratic debates at Drake University tonight at 6pm. Drake University is also holding the Democratic Debates.

It’s also his Birthday, Happy Birthday Presidental Candidate Andrew Yang.

5 thoughts on “Yang Puts His Foot Down: Hosting A Town Hall At Drake University Tonight at 6pm.

  1. Go Andrew Yang!!!
    You’re the best candidate for President out there. All your policies are the best and well thought out, researched and approved to work by people from Harvard, MIT and others. Thank you and Happy Birthday!!

  2. The dnc can officially kiss my ass. I was a dem for 16 years until I saw what they did to Bernie and this just solidified it. God help us when they are at the helm. So out of touch with their heads in the sand.

  3. Both the DNC & the RNC are corrupt. Big money runs the show. America needs a viable 3rd party and term limits to stop the corruption. The only things both major parties agree on is they don’t want to split governing with a 3rd party, term limits or a balanced budget amendment, & campaign reform. The status quo is 100% for maintaining the status quo.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Dave Chappelle is going to be endorsing Yang on November 29th and 30th with some stand up shows in South Carolina. That’s gonna give him a massive boost.

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