Bloomberg To Gun Owners: I’m Your Worst Nightmare

Bloomberg is coming for your guns America. That’s what he wants you to think anyway, from the looks of his flashy new tv ad rolling out on television and youtube. Bloomberg is the enemy of gun owners across America.

The ad has started appearing on youtube commercials and television this Monday, where he calls out the NRA and “gun lobby.” The voice goes on to say that he is their “worst nightmare.”

Bloomberg haa been creeping up in poll numbers

Michael Bloomberg is pumping the airwaves with hundreds of millions of dollars. He said he was willing to spend a billion dollars to defeat Trump all together. But so far, his poll numbers haven’t been too swell.

He’s failed to make the 5% threshold needed to participate in debates. And now, his rallies have been anything but enthusiastic. His first kickoff rally for example only had 40 people.

Video Uploaded Of Bloomberg’s First Campaign Rally Shows Crowd Of 40 People

As for his new commercial on being the gun lobby’s worst nightmare, the ad does not appear to have been released somewhere else for general distribution, but the moment it is we will ad it to this story.

In the mean time, keep an eye for it online.

Virginia- Also this week, just Bloomberg doubles down on gun control, An estimated 22,000 armed citizens marched on the Capital in Virginia according to police estimates. Not one person was shot. It’s a testament to how safe gun owners are considering the amount of guns there are in the United States.

The rally came as a result of a number of anti gun measures that have been passed by the state legislature and governor. The Democrats won full control of the state and since then have been introducing measures that would make Virginia one of the most anti gun rights states in America. This has not sat well with many voters, and the mobilization this week reflected that.


7 thoughts on “Bloomberg To Gun Owners: I’m Your Worst Nightmare

  1. Mr. Bloomberg please come for our guns. We have been patient over the last five decades but our patience is wearing thin. So please do your best. You will finally give us the excuse we need to rid the country of the liberal disease that has infested this once great land.

  2. Carlos Rodriquez was a student at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 students were killed in a mass shooting. He has now been in a commercial for the anti-Trump anti-NRA anti-gun billionaire little Mikee Bloomberg talking about the Second Amendment and guns. Bloomberg does not believe the people should be armed to protect themselves and their families from criminal thugs and a tyrannical government, while at the same time goes around protected by many ARMED body guards. Regarding the student; just because you are a victim of something does NOT make you an expert on anything. In the ad he claims that they are not seeking to abolish the Second Amendment at the same time endorsing Bloomberg, who plans on doing just that. Making criminals out of law abiding citizens by disarming them is NOT the answer to end gun violence, because actual criminals do not care about the law. Unfortunately, there is EVIL and evil people our there in the World. The only way to stop or minimize the carnage perpetrated by an evildoer is having a good guy with a gun who will take action against the evil doer. The DemonRATS want to disarm law abiding citizens and constantly attack the NRA. Apparently, these anti-gun DemonRATS are unaware that the NRA is a Civil Rights organization made up of PATRIOTIC American people who believe in and support the Constitution and Second Amendment. There are many other reasons besides his opposition to the Second Amendment not to vote for little Mikee, but that should be good enough. DemonRATS and their policies are detrimental to the citizens of this country and they need to be defeated.

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