Pelosi now claims she has “saved America” from Trump and “saved the economy”

Nancy Pelosi had a bizarre press conference today in which she mumbled incoherently and then said she was saving the country.

Here’s a copy of the transcripts from the press conference.


PELOSI: “Is one person to speak for the House and one person to speak for the White House? Did you know that? 1986. So is that the rule under which they are going? So, all we want to know is what are the rules. It doesn’t mean we have to agree to the rules or we have to like the rules. We just want to know what they are. So, getting back to sports, because that’s all we live right? Football, football, college, high school, professional. Do we send in our team or do we have to send in a special team, as well as the team because we have to know what that trial is about.”

REPORTER: “Why not send the articles over and turn the whole negotiations over to Senator Schumer?”

PELOSI: “Yeah, yeah. They’ve had the negotiation. The Senator has said he has, doesn’t have to have witnesses and the rest, so that’s, but you know we may send them over, that. We have our — I’m not responsible to Mitch McConnell or anybody else, except my Members and the people who have worked so hard on this. Members and staff patriotically honoring the oath of office, the Constitution of the United States, and I will give them their, our best shot to find the truth for our bosses, the American people. Thank you all very much.”

REPORTER: “Are you going to the Niners game? Are you going to the Niners game?”

PELOSI: “It would be my intention to go. (Laughter) I went, I went to the one game in San Francisco. We watched all together the second game in Seattle. I have, unfortunately, responsibilities to save our country from peril, so this weekend, so I have on my Democratic, wearing that hat of a political leader this weekend, so my family will enjoy our season tickets at the 49er game, and then next week — well, get one game at a time and then we’ll see about the next one.”

REPORTER: “Baltimore-San Francisco Super Bowl?”

PELOSI: “Well, we’ve had the Baltimore-San Francisco Super Bowl and that was hard because I had been rooting for both teams all along, right, and again, going to the 49er games and watching the Baltimore games on TV right there at the stadium. So, what happens when they both win? Nobody was in a more difficult situation than I, than the mother of the coaches. Brothers coaching the teams. And then, you saw what happened at that game, but the D’Alesandros from Baltimore came all dressed in purple and the Pelosis from San Francisco all came in red and we had a lovely family reunion. This time I hope that it, we get a similar result, that we’d have both teams in the, I already, because of my, shall we say responsibilities to win the House for the Democrats and hopefully the electoral college for the American people, I was scheduled to be in Florida that weekend, so I’m all set. I’m all set. One way or another.”

REPORTER: “Do you think Harry and Meghan will move to California?” (Laughter)

PELOSI: “Who knows? But we’re talking about Tom Brady. Who knows, who knows what happens with all this, but isn’t it interesting and it’s wonderful because it’s so unifying. You know every, whatever your politics or whatever, forget it. It’s about the team and we all like to say and we all believe that we’re all Team U.S.A., so however it turns out. Thank you all very much.”


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