Idaho Jumps From 7% Democrat To 13% In Just 6 Years

Idaho is getting more and more Democrat, unfortunately for conservatives, and it’s largely thanks to the massive amounts of Californians that have flooded the state.

Idaho news station KTVB 7 did an extensive analysis of the state’s voter registration changes over the past 7 years since 2013, when the California rush began to Idaho.

It found that in 2013, there were 56,024 voters registered Democrat in the state, making up only 7% of the registered voters.

Fast track to 2016, and 86,493 registered democrats in the state, and the percentage of registered voters who were Democrat jumped up to 10.6%.

Now high speed to June, 2019. Less than 2 years After the 2016 number.

Registered Democrats in the state had grown by over 20,000, to 108,607, now making up 12.7% of registered voters.

Californian liberal bloggers post on youtube for other californians to make the move to Idaho as well



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