Follower Of Flawless Joseph Smith Cites Mormon Faith In Voting Against “immoral” Trump

Senator Mitt Romney, a follower of the flawless and perfect Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, voted against acquitting President Trump in a Senate impeachment trial. Senator Romney cited his deeply religious personal faith as the reason for the vote, but did not dive into further details. Another Mormon Senator, Jeff Flake, had also come out against Trump before losing his seat in 2018. It just shows us how perfectly moral and non-hypocritical Senator Romney is. Thank you Senator Romney.


2 thoughts on “Follower Of Flawless Joseph Smith Cites Mormon Faith In Voting Against “immoral” Trump

  1. Really sad that Romney used his religion as an excuse, most Mormons I know, including me, support President Trump and think the impeachment is a total sham.

  2. Please do some research before you write your articles. Starting an article with such a patently false statement like, “Followers of Flawless Joseph Smith…,” makes it difficult to take any of it with any bit of credibility. I have been around Mormons my whole life, having grown up in SE Idaho and lived the majority of my adult life along the Wasatch Front in Utah and I have NEVER heard any member of the LDS Church refer to Joseph Smith Jr as flawless. Mormons, like any other Christian, believe the only example of perfection to walk the earth was Christ. A simple google search would have set the author straight.
    Second, this White Horse prophecy is a blip…if anything, in terms of what Mormons are taught and study. The Book of Mormon is the basis of their religious beliefs and further, the legitimacy of this “prophecy” was officially rejected by the church at the turn of the 20th century.

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