Bernie Gets On Wrong Jet Trying To Flee South Carolina After Embarrassing Defeat

Bernie Sanders has come a long way from flying economy. The Senator from Vermont who built his political career railing against millionaires and billionaires is now enjoying the luxuries of one with all the campaign cash coming in. When first running, Bernie criticized millionaires at every campaign event. We all know what happened next. Bernie became a millionaire, and switched to attacking billionaires. He also proudly rode economy while a Senator. But times have changed. He’s got a lot of money now.

So Senator Sanders now flies with not 1, not 2, but 3 private gulfstream jets everywhere he goes. He has so many in fact, that when trying to hightail it out of South Carolina just today after expecting an embarrassing primary defeat, he accidentally got on the wrong private jet.

He is due to leave South Carolina now for Massachusetts. But the gulf stream he boarded was waiting for another limousine liberal apparently, Elizabeth Warren.

Earlier this week, Bernie had to go from a campaign event in Charleston to one in Myrtle Beach. Instead of driving 2 hours for the event like most locals do, he chose to fly on all 3 of his gulfstream jets. Bernie has become a gulfstream communist.


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