While The Media Almost Started A Race War This Week, Prof. Ferguson Admits shutdowns Made No Difference

There might be another reason the media grew tired of pushing the daily lockdown narrative and decided to send everyone out onto the streets stirring up race war.

The British professor behind the entire lockdown strategy, Professor Neil Furguson, was very vocal over the past few months with his insistence that we needed the crippling shutdowns or we would face millions of deaths. The lockdown fascists who supported the draconian measures would repeatedly use his estimates on covid death tolls should we not lock down.

But now during testimony before the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee on Tuesday, he told them: “They {Swedish scientists} came to a different policy conclusion based really on quite similar science. I don’t agree with it but scientifically they’re not far from scientists in any part of the world.”

He then went on to acknowledge that the Swedish authorities had “got a long way to the same effect” without a full lockdown.

So basically the lockdowns were all completely for nothing.


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