White Liberals Saw A Protest Movement. So They Hijacked it

White liberals saw a protest movement coming together.

So they did what every liberal does: they got entitled to it.

It started with a nationwide condemnation of a police officer using excessive force on a subdued suspect in a questionable offense.

Then the left went overboard. Mostly white, mostly young, all leftwing agitators joined peaceful protests, but with criminal intents.

They shouted the loudest that it was white privilege. This is even though the group of police were of different races, and white people get killed more than blacks by police.

They tried to demand other whites show shame for being white, and humiliate themselves, creating racial tension. They brought explosive devices to rallies and vandalized buildings with BLM graffiti.

White liberal agitator guiltripped african American protesters and challenged their devotion to BLM if black protesters weren’t committing crimes. Not once did any of them see the irony in who would be blamed for the vandalism they committed.

All across America, liberal antifa are now being arrested. As a result, we’re seeing am intricate web of domestic terrorists who were hellbent on destruction. The motivation was not police brutality. It was an advancement of chaos.

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