CHAZ Undercover

One of the leaders in charge of the July 4th event to retake CHAZ has spent the last few days scouting out the area. His observations were posted in the facebook group below:

“I’ve spent a few days undercover in CHAZ this week. Here are my thoughts I’d like to share with patriots. First off, this is a real event. Dont let Conservative and liberal haters or fake media diminish our turnout numbers. Now on to CHAZ. I’ve been to war zones, including Lebanon and Iraq. While inside the CHAZ it reminds me of my time in Beirut, which is effectively controlled by the terrorist group Hezbollah.
The govt has ceded control entirely of this area. Bizarre is the only word I can use. The residents are beyond tired of the protesters. I saw 2 separate incidents of residents yelling at protesters in the street in arguments during my first hour here.
There’s a lot of heavy drugs people are on. Perhaps bath salts. At night you see a lot of people violently convulsing while screaming in the streets. On my first night I saw at least 12 people screaming and cursing while having spasms as they walk, definitely on heavy drugs. Its only a matter of time before more innocents are hurt from this.
There are no police at all. You see none. The local businesses have private security contractors who look like police, and they seem to keep protesters at bay with their ARs.
The protesters themselves are a mix of homeless, druggies, spectators, activists, people just here for the party, militants and gang bangers. The armed militant core seems to be split between leftist rednecks calking themselves the Redneck rebellion and inner city gang bangers. It’s a strange combination. Between the rednecks, gang bangers, and pyro loving “activists” you have the organization now that is Antifa.
Everyone looks unhealthy and scrawny. Malnourished. The gang bangers nor rednecks seem to have any military experience. They’re kids with guns.
Theres also cars that come in and out of the CHAZ, including SUVs with tinted windows, very nice cars, which the militants will get supplies out of or put supplies into. There’s a lot of money behind the scenes on this. Whether it’s trust fund kids or something else darker I couldn’t say. But there’s big money in the background funding this.
Since these people stay up and party all night every night, it’s actually very peaceful in the morning when they’re all passed out in their tents. Successfully coming into the zone won’t be a problem since we will do it in the day.
Also, there’s ample space within the zone to setup a Patriot Zone in multiple places so after we leave we can leave a peacekeeping presence. We could even maybe make it a sone against govt overreach and violations of the constitution.
94% of the people here are just angry like us patriots, they’ve just been corrupted into thinking disastrous political ideologies are the answer. They think the solution to bad govt is more govt. I think we all can agree the govt can overstep its authority using the law. Look at our brothers at bundy ranch. But they see the police as an enemy when they should really see the govt making the laws the enemy. Its a misguided anger due to manipulation.
The local communist Councilwoman Sawant seems largely to blame for that. She seems to be the primary sower of chaos here. She encourages them to riot, and seems to be the main leader ironically, which is a disgrace for a sitting councilwoman of an American city. This is her Frankenstein.
Hope this information is helpful and thank you for sticking by this event in spite of all the vicious attacks we all endured (including myself) to make it happen.”


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  1. Go and get them Boys. This country is run by “We The People” not a bunch of snot faced kids and spoiled brats whose mamas and daddy’s did not teach them the love of this country. Less time outs and more of switches and belts were needed when they were growing up.

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